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Like all investments, crypto assets come with risks. They can give you two-digit returns overnight. So can they wipe out your wallet. But does that mean crypto investments are unreliable? 

Certainly not, assures United TeleBot (UTB). An instant and fully automated wallet built inside a Telegram Bot, UTB provides an excellent opportunity to earn a steady income from cryptocurrencies. It offers deposit, withdrawal, and conversion services at no cost – like most other crypto wallets. But there is more. The bot generates daily returns on your wallet balance at predetermined rates. Regardless of what happens in the broader market, you get a guaranteed 1% daily income.

Use this link to start earning:

United TeleBot is a Telegram bot that taps into the millions of new users, chats, and groups on Telegram to generate revenue for UTB wallet users. The project is related to Teletraff Bot, which is fast becoming one of the top promotion tools on Telegram. It relies on a referral system to bring calculable income for every new account. Since Telegram is one of the fastest-growing applications in the world, and it has more new markets to expand into, UTB has a large room for growth. 

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