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What we do

The Law and Policy Forum brings together ICRC’s various training and outreach capacities in humanitarian law, policy and action, with a view to promote IHL and other relevant norms, and to influence key actors and decision-makers on humanitarian issues of importance to the organisation. Through its different components (academic relations, academic research, the International Review of the Red Cross, online and onsite legal training, the Visitors & Conference centre, events & outreach), FORUM acts as a channel between the ICRC and the outside world. It carries out direct outreach activities to key external audiences, following a thematic approach and pursuing academic excellence.


The Law and Policy Forum is offering a one-year paid traineeship. Under the supervision of the Adviser for relations with academic circles, the trainee will mainly contribute to:

  • ICRC program for universities and think tanks supporting the teaching of IHL, humanitarian action and policy, and the development of networks of professors and other influential individuals committed to promoting and furthering respect for those fields and;
  • The organisation and development of IHL training events and materials to support the institution’s outreach to, in particular, professors, researchers and post-graduate students, among other audiences and;
  • The development and monitoring of partnerships with academic institutions to develop research, pedagogic tools and other activities in the field of humanitarian law, policy and action.

Main Responsibilities

Information collection, management and reporting

  • Identify, file, archive, share relevant correspondence and documents between headquarters and ICRC field Delegations (in English, French and Spanish) with ICRC focal points for academic circles worldwide
  • Respond to various requests regarding training opportunities and tools in the field of international humanitarian law, policy and action, as well as related fields

Ad hoc support to the work of the law and Policy Forum and the ICRC

In consultation with the Adviser for relations with academic circles, provide ad hoc support as required by various initiatives and projects of the Law and Policy Forum and the ICRC at large

Main Responsibilities

Development, production and promotion of ICRC tools

  • In coordination with the authors of ‘How Does Law Protect in War?’ and the University of Geneva:

    • Contribute to identify and compile materials on new IHL topics of interest for the ‘How Does Law Protect in War?’ Online Platform
    • Regularly review online platform content and correct/update it accordingly
    • Update, develop and upload online content on a regular basis (‘Thematic Highlights’)
    • Contribute to the promotion of the online and paper versions
    • Prepare, facilitate and report about ‘How does law protect in war?’ Board meetings

Main Responsibilities

  • In coordination with the Jean-Pictet Competition Organizing Committee (CCJP), review, correct and update the Pictet Competition case studies in English and in French, file and promote them towards ICRC delegations accordingly
  • Contribute to the update and promotion of ‘IHL’, the ICRC digital app on iOS, Android and Windows stores
  • Contribute to the update and promotion of the ICRC internal guidelines: ‘Working with Universities: Elements of an Institutional Policy’, as well as related ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Resources & Tools’
  • Promote ICRC tools and events on the Internet and Intranet pages of the ICRC, the Law & Policy newsletter, as well as on social media and other platforms
  • Upon need, support development, updates, corrections on, and promotion of, various ICRC pedagogic tools

Main Responsibilities

Support to internal and academic events

  • In collaboration with concerned delegations, support the organization of the 2nd edition of the international IHL roundtable for French-speaking academics in 2020
  • As needed, support the planning and organization of other FORUM events promoting IHL, other relevant law and the ICRC in partnership with academic institutions
  • Support ICRC students’ competitions worldwide by organizing, updating and managing the fictitious case studies database and providing relevant cases to ICRC delegations upon need
  • Regularly deliver introductory presentations and thematic workshops on IHL, humanitarian policy and action to ICRC visitors at headquarters’ Humanitarium

Certifications / Education required

Master’s degree, with a specialisation in international humanitarian law.

Professional Experience required

  • Teaching/training experience and/or experience animating online platforms (websites, blogs, social media, etc.).
  • Important: For candidates to be eligible as associates, they must have a maximum of one year’s professional experience after graduation (relating to the post) or two years if it includes previous traineeships.

Desired profile and skills

  • Demonstrated interest in the work of the ICRC, especially in the field of prevention of IHL violations
  • Understanding and interest in communication and education/training technologies
  • Experience in on-site and online promotion of IHL topics, events and tools an asset
  • Experience in adapting text for web usage and webpage management (knowledge of Drupal CMS an asset)
  • Strong flexibility and mind openness
  • Humility and desire to learn
  • Strong analytical and organisational skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work autonomously and report accordingly
  • Sense of initiative


Fluency in English and in French, fluency in Spanish or another language an asset.

What we offer

  • Rewarding work in a stimulating humanitarian and multicultural environment
  • Take part in landmark ICRC projects for academics and law and policy audiences
  • A welcome course and other opportunities to deepen knowledge of the ICRC
  • Opportunities to enhance oral skills through presentations at the ICRC’s Humanitarium
  • Paid traineeship

Additional information

  • Type of role: Associate
  • Working rate: 100%
  • Starting date: 02.03.2020
  • Location: ICRC Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Length of assignment: 1 year
  • Application deadline: 30.11.2019

Application Documents:

  • Your cover letter must specifically focus on this position (a non-specific cover letter will be considered a disqualifying factor)
  • Your CV must not contain more than 2 pages (a CV with more than 2 pages will be considered a disqualifying factor)
  • E-mail addresses and phone numbers of references must be provided
  • Only 1 recommendation letter per applicant will be considered

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