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Team Leader (Explosive Threat Mitigation)

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    21 Dec 2019

    Functional responsibilities

    The Team Leaders will deploy frequently throughout Syria, leading their respective Explosive Ordnance Assessment teams. Under the supervision of the Chief of Operations Syria Response Programme, the Team Leader will plan Explosive Ordnance Assessment team activities, leading the Searchers under its supervision. S/he will be responsible for ensuring the following activities are conducted:

    • Lead the Explosive Ordnance team which will be made up of approximately 4 Searchers per team ;

    • Lead the team in conducting non-technical survey, technical survey and high-risk search operations of infrastructure and areas identified by UN Agencies and Syria Response Programme as potentially containing explosive ordnance;

    • Manage the team’s desk research on explosive ordnance hazards

    • Oversee all aspects of mine action related activities carried out by staff under your supervision and control;

    • Receive tasks from the Chief of Operations and help to plan and prioritise response; provide feedback on work plan for high quality and responsive operations; evaluate information received including sources;

    • Liaise with appropriate security infrastructures within and outside the UN networks

    • Implement and monitor technical, international and national safety standards in all team tasks

    • Track all tasks and development ad hoc products, providing quality control on all products prior to delivery;

    • Support the identification and the compilation of lessons learned. Focus shall be placed on continuous technical improvement within the project, comprising advisory services, training, mentorship, equipment, service provision, and direct implementation of threat mitigation measures;

    • Ensure interaction and maintain close and effective coordination with relevant national military, government, community and civil society representation;

    • Liaise and build relationships within the humanitarian sector for the purpose of facilitating activities, identifying and prioritising work;

    • Produce detailed and comprehensive Explosive Ordnance Assessment reports for each infrastructure or area searched; disseminate analytic products to a diverse community inclusive of humanitarian actors and communities at risk, as required

    • Complete accurate submission of the relevant IMSMA reports following the completion of the Explosive Ordnance Assessment task;

    • Assist the UNMAS Chief of Operations in developing analytical strategies related to assessment of explosive ordnance in the area of operations.

    Education/Experience/Language requirements


    • A First-level University degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) and 7 years relevant experience is required;OR
    • A Secondary School diploma (High School or equivalent) and 11 years relevant experience is required.


    • Certification as a deminer or surveyor in a demining capacity is required.
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Certification 3 or Higher Qualification is required.
    • Certification as a High Risk Searcher or Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Operator is required.


    • Relevant experience is defined as operational experience with a recognized military, police, or humanitarian mine action organization, or development setting, or other relevant field experience.
    • A minimum of 5 years of experience in manual mine clearance, technical survey of mined areas and/or areas suspected of containing IED’s, or clearance of areas confirmed to have been contaminated with IED’s is required.
    • Experience in manual IED threat mitigation, high risk search (EOD, military search at the operator or staff level, military management in the field of IED mitigation, training, mentoring, capacity development, development of doctrines and concepts of operations, or programme for the development of IED mitigation equipment) within the last 5 years is required.
    • Experience as a High Risk Search operator or an IEDD operator within the last 5 years is required.
    • Experience as a team leader or supervisor of a High Risk Search capacity or IEDD team (in military, humanitarian or commercial contexts) is required.


    • Intermediate knowledge of Arabic (writing, speaking and reading) is required.
    • Fluency in Arabic (writing, speaking and reading) is desired.
    • Intermediate knowledge of English (writing, speaking and reading) is required.

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