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Senior Pharmacist (SRF 227)

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    International Medical Corps

    Closing date:
    05 Dec 2019

    Title: Senior Pharmacist (SRF # 227) National Staff Only

    Location: Amman

    Detailed Job Description:

    Under the direct supervision of the Program Coordinator, the Senior Pharmacist will serve as a focal person for UNHCR, spearheading pharmaceutical affairs under UNHCR grant and relaying information, reports and concerns to UNHCR as and when needed. Under the technical supervision of the Pharmacy manager, the senior pharmacist will supervise pharmacy supply chain processes in accordance with IMC standards, protocols and procedures, in order to ensure its efficiency and operating availability.


    1. Stock management:

    · In collaboration with the pharmacy manager, he/she (hereafter referred to as he) will ensure optimum storage conditions for the medical stock in accordance with IMC guidelines. This includes implementing or continuing quality controls and records to comply with good storage conditions in the facility (Temperature, Humidity and Light exposure).

    · He will coordinate the delivery, reception and recording of pharmacy orders, in close coordination with the logistics department in order to permanently ensure security stock levels and ensure efficient management of stock.

    · He will work with the field pharmacy supervisors to ensure spot checks, weekly partial inventories and monthly full inventory in accordance with the IMC guidelines. As a result, the discrepancies will be addressed together with the pharmacy manager and a mitigation procedure will be drafted to avoid issues prospectively.

    · Coordinate with field pharmacists under the directive of Pharmacy manager to accurately report on drug consumptions and follow any unusual pattern of consumption.

    · Devises a plan of distribution for other UNHCR partners in collaboration with the Warehouse team and the Pharmacy manager.

    2. Procurement of Medications:

    · Will serve as a focal person for UNHCR for effective quantification of medications under UNHCR grant.

    · Will implement and lead quantification process by adhering to a bottom up approach where the consumption pattern from end user units and the contextual factors will be taken into account to project the needed quantity for each item under UNHCR grant.

    · Will liaise with the procurement department in raising PRs and discussing any issue that may come forth as a result.

    · Perform selection of items together with the pharmacy manager and the MedCo after the RFQ process within the procurement guidelines.

    · Participate in the TCM meetings for UNHCR procurements and follow up on any outstanding issues that may arise after.

    3. Exceptionally Approved Medications

    · Will serve as IMC’s focal person for EAM under UNHCR grant

    · Ensure regular update of EAM sheet in coordination with the field pharmacy supervisors.

    · Maintain the database for EAM and refer to it as and when needed.

    · Under the directives of the Pharmacy Manager, lead the process of procuring needed exceptionally approved medicines within the SOP set forth.

    · Ensure that the EAM process is understood and followed by the field staff in IMC.

    4. Reporting

    · Ensure that the monthly pharmacy report is sent to UNHCR prior to the 15th of every month.

    · Ensure that pharmacovigilance issue is relayed to pharmacy manager and UNHCR focal person soon as possible.

    · Supports in compiling any other report that might be necessary at any given moment.

    · Continuous monitoring and compliance to the Pharmacy Information Management (PIMs).

    · Regular extraction, reviewing, and monitoring of the PIMs reports, and reformatting them based on donors required data,

    · Compiles the data from PIMS and the tally sheets at the field level and justify any discrepancy in stock analysis report.

    5. Other

    · Abide by all rules and regulations for staff in accordance with HR internal regulations.

    · Safeguards beneficiary rights and advocate to the higher management in case of a breach or lapse at the field level.

    · Understands and abides by the PSEA regulation in the institution.

    · Any other task that may be requested within the scope of the position.

    Qualifications & Skills:

    · Bachelor degree in Pharmacy or Clinical Pharmacy

    · Minimum 3 years of experience, preferably of two years of experience in Humanitarian setting.

    · Previous work experience in a hospital setting is desirable.

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