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Neonatal Nurse

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 02 July 2019
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 03 March 2020
  • Organization: Voluntary Service Overseas
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • City: Addis Ababa
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  • This is a volunteer job.

    Role overview
    The objective of the placement is to transfer skill and knowledge to paediatric and neonatal department staff specifically and hospital staff in general in order to improve health outcomes and increase the quality of services in local health facilities.

    You will directly contribute to improved accessibility and availability of newborn health services and support clinical supervision and the management of newborn health services in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and where possible surrounding health facilities/units.

    These objectives are subject to improvement/modification after discussion with the project manager as well as the implementing partner. We are looking to strengthen our talent pool for Neonatal nurses to be able to respond to upcoming demand. Currently jobs are in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. However, more Neonatal volunteer jobs will be coming up later too.

    Skills, qualifications and experience

    * Qualified Nurse specialised in Neonatal Nursing
    * Registered Nurse with proof of a professional license. Fully accredited by the relevant professional body
    * Current experience as registered nurse in a hospital setting for at least of 3-5 years.
    * At least 2-3 years’ experience working as a neonatal nurse/ Neonatology or working in Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICUs).
    * Experience in mentoring/training of nurses, students at a neonatal/paediatric Department of any Hospital/in a clinic.
    * Able to cope with stress and to organize and prioritise workload

    * Masters of Science in Nursing
    * Additional specialization in areas like Paediatric care
    * Basic computer skill
    * Experience in mentoring and teaching/Bedside teaching
    * Experience in working abroad in a similar set ting/context (Africa/Asia)

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