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Livelihoods and Enterprises Expert

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    17 Dec 2019

    ECODIT seeks a Livelihoods & Enterprises Expert for the potential project, Conservation through Economic Empowerment in the Republic of Congo (CEERC), as funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) via its Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE). Over five years, CEERC will strengthen green economic models and industries that reduce threats to biodiversity and carbon-rich forests in the Republic of Congo. CEERC has three proposed main components: (1) establishing enterprise models that support conservation and reduce deforestation; (2) improving the enabling environment for conservation-friendly enterprises; and (3) ensuring communities benefit from and establish conservation-friendly enterprises.

    Roles & Responsibilities:
    The Livelihoods & Enterprises Expert will support the establishment of conservation-friendly enterprises and industries that increase economic and other benefits for targeted communities and reduce deforestation and threats to biodiversity. The Expert will oversee a team directly working with communities and agents of change in and around areas of important biodiversity and forests. The Expert will develop strategies to ensure communities benefit from conservation-friendly enterprises and to connect the project’s on-the-ground practices with national level policies and dialogues. The Expert will also coordinate with the COP, DCOP, and other team experts to link support for land tenure, natural resource management and access, and water rights activities to the development of conservation enterprises.

    Here are additional main roles and responsibilities of the Livelihoods & Enterprises Expert:

    • Report directly to the DCOP on component strategies, progress, and challenges;

    • Manage, motivate, and guide a team working directly with communities;

    • Develop and maintain key relationships cutting across communities, private sector, and government networks at local and regional levels;

    • Assist in capacity building and grantee management for small businesses and NGOs;

    • Support USAID monitoring and reporting requirements.

    Required Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in economic development, biodiversity conservation, forestry, or agriculture, with knowledge or additional academic background in business development, micro-finance;

    • Five years or more of relevant experience in above-mentioned fields in the Republic of Congo;

    • Direct experience in developing enterprise initiatives with communities to support biodiversity conservation and forest protection;

    • Excellent writing and communication skills in French and proficiency in English;

    • Proven experience collaboratively developing and coordinating complex strategies and initiatives.

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