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    Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid

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    07 Dec 2019

    Position Profile

    Within the organizational structure of Mercy Hands (MH), The Finance Officer will work under the direct supervision of the Program manager and overall supervision of the Finance Manager.


    • To provide efficient and effective administrative and accounting services abiding by Mercy Hands policies.
    • To support the work of MH’s operation by delivering project and general administration tasks.
    • To ensure that all financial activities and tasks of MH are in line with MH policy, including financial guidelines and local statutory requirements such as vouchers, reports and archives.
    • All payments and expenses vouchers of the program should be followed up with accountant.
    • Make two copies of the vouchers, one of them is to be archived to be given to the donor and the other the copy is to be kept for MH and archived in a boxfile.
    • To register all transactions (expenses, transfers, reconciliation) in Saga software.
    • Attach supporting documentation of the transactions and enter data into Saga system.
    • Follow up on Procurement Requisition Form “PRF”.
    • Review the vouchers for the previous week and make sure that all procedures and documentation are in place and accurate.
    • Review the advances and reimbursements for the previous week and make sure all advances and reimbursements procedures and documentation are in place and accurate.
    • To regularly review status of program expenses versus fund lines with the program manager and finance manager to ensure that all is going according to the planned activities and planned schedule of expense. In that scenario, any irregularity shall be immediately pointed out and fixed.
    • To ensure that all staff under the designated program has proper files that may include contracts, identification information & documents, status change if needed, and time sheets.
    • Prepare payment request to donors and send it to the program manager for revision before submitting it to the donor.
    • To provide all the data and assistance needed for the annual internal and / or external audit process.


    • A Bachelor degree in accounting or a relevant business field
    • Two years or more of accounting or bookkeeping experience, including experience with double-entry accounting
    • Computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel
    • Familiarity with computerized, double-entry accounting software
    • Strong organizational skills as well as attention to detail
    • Minimum oral and written English skills, Arabic language skills

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