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Finance and Logistics Coordinator – Chad

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    MENTOR Initiative

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    20 Dec 2019

    Background. The MENTOR Initiative (MENTOR) is a “not for profit”, charitable, non-governmental organization devoted to reducing death and suffering from malaria in humanitarian crises. MENTOR is currently providing ongoing emergency support to the most vulnerable communities in Liberia, Angola, Kenya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Southern Chad.

    MENTOR Chad. MENTOR implemented malaria control programmes for ten years in Eastern Chad (2007 to 2011 – malaria epidemic) and in Southern Chad (2006 to 2016 – malaria endemic) among displaced people and surrounding host population. A new programme was implemented in 2017 in Southern Chad.

    Overall Job Purpose

    The Finance and Logistics Coordinator will assist MENTOR Chad in the overall implementation of programme support operations/services. The consultant will be the support manager for the national staff Head of Departments for Logistics, Finance and Administration. Reporting to the Country Director (CD), and will assist the CD in overseeing the management of financial aspects of the progarmme and will ensure that MENTOR Finance, Logistics, HR and Admin policies are adhered to. The Fin/Log’s Co will closely support the MENTOR technical team with other specialists including vector control, VBD prevention, IEC/BCC, and medical teams. The critical task is to ensure the programme achieves its objectives in all support related activities in accordance with the programme grant/award(s).

    Responsible with the CD for compliance with the policies and procedures set out in MENTOR’s Programme Finance, Logistics, HR/Admin manuals and other policy/procedure guidelines that are applicable to a specific activity or situation (e.g. Security, Finance, HR policies and Logistics).

    The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

    Logistics Management

    • Assist the CD to ensure proper implementation of logistics procedures for warehousing and asset management, fleet and fuel management, communications systems and maintenance, local procurement and overall programme logistics support for activities.
    • Assist the CD in the coordination and insurance of the maintenance, repair and installation (when necessary), of all vehicles, generators, communication equipment and IT materials.
    • Support the CD with daily management of the running, maintenance and security of MENTOR real-estate.
    • Coordinate the logistical filing system to include all equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and logs documentation e.g. way bills, stock cards/requests, etc.
    • Assistance for programme Asset Management and disposal. Ensure all programme assets are fully recorded, monitored and maintained as required.
    • Keep current documentation, maintenance and insurance of all MENTOR vehicles and ensure a proper usage of vehicle log books, fuel consumption, daily / weekly routine checks (incl. fuel stocks and logs completed and recorded daily).

    · Oversee selection/identification and maintenance of the office/accommodation facilities and their related utilities, ensuring safe and standard living and working conditions for all MENTOR sites.

    Logistics Procurement

    · Ensure that standard MENTOR procurement procedures are followed at all MENTOR offices in Chad

    • Assist, with the logistics team, to coordinate in-country procurement of programme entrants and operational support items.
    • Ensure consignment and Customs clearance of goods for their expected arrival in Juba and follow up on tax exemptions process.

    • Work with the Programme Support Officer and Grants Manager at HQ on international procurement.

    Financial Coordination

    • In collaboration with the CD and HQ GM, provide assistance for ensuring the financial integrity of programmes.

    · Assist the CD with the proper implementation of MENTOR finance field systems to ensure that timely and accurate financial reporting is sent to the HQ as required as well as to oversee adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning.

    · Assist in accounting for all grants and in accordance with the grant agreement(s).

    • Assist to ensure good quality finance and administration systems as per the standard MENTOR guidelines are set up and functioning in field programmes.
    • Communicate with different department to oversee that program departments, including logistics, submit monthly budget forecasts and, on the basis of these, prepare monthly planned expenditure, to be sent electronically to HQ.
    • On the basis of internal cash available and planned expenditure, send monthly requests for cash (RCA) to HQ.
    • Prepare monthly paper and electronic reports on expenditures against the project budget(s) and send these together with copies of all hardcopy receipts and other expenditure-related paperwork to HQ, according to deadlines.
    • Prepare monthly payroll with the finance assistants, verify it with CD and send electronic as well as paper version to HQ.
    • Assist and provide on-going trainings to local administrators in the MENTOR Initiative procedures and ensure that all members of the MENTOR team are trained and respect the Finance, Administration and Logistics guidelines.
    • Responsible for payment of all local team members including daily workers when necessary.
    • Oversee allocation of ICLA and security cash to international team members as well as reimbursement of approved expenses.
    • Maintain all MENTOR bank accounts in-country and set-up new accounts according to programme needs.
    • Ensure that monthly bank statements are obtained and are legible and submit with monthly financial documentation


    · Oversee with the CD that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters including provision of documents as requested by relevant official authorities.

    • Follow up on all rental agreements including the MENTOR house(s), office(s), and vehicles, etc. and renew rental agreements when necessary.
    • When necessary, follow-up on The MENTOR Initiative’s registration in country with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other local actors.
    • Assist the CD with any other administrative tasks as required.

    Human Resources

    • In collaboration with the CD, management of field logisticians and administrators, drivers, guards and cook/cleaners.
    • In collaboration with the CD, responsible for all administrative aspects of the local staff HR management systems. Ensuring systems are implemented properly (in line with local labour laws) to ensure transparent recruitment procedures, set up of internal rules and regulations, performance reviews, complaints systems, salary scale, local payroll .
    • Implement and develop (as needed) local staff policy in line with national labour law.
    • Help the CD to ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations concerning employment contracts.
    • Coordinate actions related to the administration of human resources activities ensuring consistency in the application of The MENTOR Initiative rules and procedures and local labour law.
    • Review and amend the Internal Rules and Regulations for MENTOR national staff in accordance with national labour law.
    • In collaboration with the CD, ensure that standard salary scale and per diem polices are in place and updated, upon validation from MENTOR HQ, regularly.
    • In collaboration with the CD, ensure that national staff adhere to The MENTOR Initiative contracts, policies and internal rules.
    • This includes set up of non-technical job descriptions and assisting with the editing of technical job descriptions, posting adverts, organizing interviews, etc.
    • In collaboration with the CD, ensure the effective implementation of national staff performance reviews in a timely manner in coordination with respective line managers.
    • In collaboration with the CD, ensure that international team members respect internal rules and policies in relation to the management of national staff under their responsibility.

    Programme Support

    · 50% time of travel to all sites within programme to monitor compliance with policies and procedures, review operational activities and work closely with field staff to enhance the operational support given.

    • At the request of the CD, provide Logistic/HR/finance/admin support during field missions.



    · Maintain regular communication and collaboration with the Technical and Project Field Coordinators

    • Organize regular general team meetings as well as operational support meetings.
    • Submit a summary report of activities carried out on a weekly basis. This report shall include identification of areas of weakness and strengths and recommendation for improvement in implementation and performance of the related tasks.
    • As requested work with MENTOR HQ to share best practice across the organization.
    • Possibility of conducting short Logistic and administrative/finance trainings in multiple countries.
    • Take part in Annual report on the overall accomplishments, challenges and general analysis of the ongoing objectives in relation to the programme achievement.


    • Support the CD in assessment missions when required.
    • Assist the CD with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals and in the creation of viable new proposals and budgets for future grants or Memorandums of Understanding.

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