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    St. Andrew’s Refugee Services

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    05 Jan 2020

    Founded in 1979, St Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) is a refugee service provider in central Cairo that works to enhance the quality of life for refugees and vulnerable migrants through four programs: outreach, education, legal, and psychosocial services. We provide high-quality services meeting the unaddressed needs of refugees, and we provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community. We work for refugees, with refugees, to make rights recognition a reality.

    StARS’ Mission: Driven by a commitment to justice and fairness, StARS works as displaced people and for

    displaced people to respect human dignity and enhance quality of life.

    StARS’ Vision: Displaced people lead in the creation and implementation of responses to different forms of

    migration to establish safe, just, welcoming, and inclusive communities globally. To learn more please visit


    We serve people from many places, including Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen and Syria.

    To learn more please visit stars-egypt.org.

    Program Description: Outreach**

    The Outreach program serves many purposes in maintaining contacts with both individual community members as well as the diverse array of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in the Greater Cairo area to improve refugee services in Egypt overall. The Outreach team is the main and central body for any new contact or visit, with staff members fully knowledgeable of the services provided by StARS in order to represent the organization as a whole. Outreach also improves coordination between StARS programs, especially when striking relationships with the same organization. Outreach collects vital data on each CBO in the community and assesses the CBOs’needs and through coordination with other StARS’ programs, or through collaboration with other service providers, decide what actions should be taken to meet the CBOs needs.
    Additionally, the Outreach team works on creating a collaborative working environment among the various CBOs as well as works to build individual organizations’ capacity and improve the organizational structure of CBOs to best serve their target communities. The goal of the Outreach program is that refugees and vulnerable migrants have access to quality services (either at StARS or CBOs), with a particular focus on their interests being represented to donors, INGOs, and embassies.


    Under the supervision of the Deputy Director External Projects (DDEP), the External Projects Officer (EPO) is tasked with supporting the DDEP’s capacity building efforts with CBOs in individualized support to CBOs, particularly after a CBO has gone through one of the program’s workshops and created an individual action plan to complete. The EPO will maintain great chains of communication among the various CBOs that the program engages with, provide support to CBOs, and feed their input back to the DDEP. The EPO will also participate in the provision of workshops, co-designing and conducting at least one specialized topic related to the officer’s skills. Lastly, the EPO will provide administrative and logistical support to the program in terms of gathering data for reporting, preparing for workshops and working groups, assisting in the planning and set-up for the StARS Outreach Conference, etc.

    Responsibilities All duties are carried out under the supervision of the Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects

    CBO Engagement

    · After the conclusion of a workshop conducted by the program, create a schedule in collaboration with the DDEP for meeting each CBO that participated in order to provide individualized support.

    · Contact the CBO leaders to set up meeting times.

    · Between the EPO and DDEP, visit each CBO to track their progress, provide support, and further identify their needs.

    · Identify and coordinate with the DDEP on support the DDEP can prepare and provide to an individual CBO, as well as needs shared among different CBOs.

    · Pay close attention to internal and external problems within and among CBOs and provide feedback to the DDEP.

    · Receive feedback from CBOs on the practical application of the workshop materials that can be incorporated into the design of the workshop when conducted again.

    · Identify CBOs that applied the workshop materials particularly well to participate in presenting workshops in the future.

    · Work with CBOs to strengthen institutional capacity.


    · Attend workshops conducted by the program to build relationships with CBO leaders.

    · Pay close attention to participant questions, concerns, and experiences shared so as to coordinate CBO engagement efforts with the workshops.

    · Co-design with the DDEP one workshop/series on a specialized topic related to the EPO’s skills.

    · Conduct the workshop(s) to CBO leaders (first in collaboration with the DDEP, then independently).

    · Design M&E surveys for the workshop(s) in line with the Outreach M&E indicators.


    · Foster strong, collaborative, and trustful relationships with CBO leaders.

    · Maintain, as possible, an even spread of communication across the different CBOs.

    · Listen actively and respond to the needs of CBOs while keeping in mind the capacity of the program.

    · Maintain strong communication with the Outreach staff, as well as other StARS focal points.

    Administrative support

    · Contact workshop participants, print and organize workshop materials, and help with set-up.

    · Assist in gathering and logging reporting materials in coordination with the DDEP and the M&E officer.

    · Input program interventions in the Outreach system.

    · Assist in the preparation, set-up, and implementation of the annual Outreach conference.

    · Additional tasks as assigned.


    · English being the official language of StARS, the External Projects Officer must be fluent in oral and written English; fluency in Arabic or another refugee language (Somali, Oromo, Amharic, Tigrinya, Tigre etc.) highly desired

    · University degree in a related field (management, international development, international education) OR one year working in the provision of refugee and/or capacity building services.

    · Excellent facilitation skills, with experience as a trainer or teacher; specialized experience in the development field (finance, reporting, project implementation, etc.) an asset.

    · Experience with collecting and reporting on data.

    · Strong communication skills across different cultural backgrounds, both orally and in writing.

    · Interpersonal skills including intuitive listening,conflict resolution, and consensus building.

    · Strong analytical and observational skills.

    · Ability to think creatively, take initiative, and react to situations with flexibility.

    · Ability to work well independently and in a team.

    · Willingness to travel at night to/from community meetings in refugee communities.

    · Diplomatic skills and sensitivity to perceived biases.

    · Organized, self-motivated, and reliable.

    Hours: 40-hour work week (Sunday – Thursday), and other hours and overtime as required.

    Supervised by: Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects

    Salary: 5,300 EGP per month, rising to 5,800 EGP per month at the completion of the probationary period with 335 EGP/month medical allowance and 100 EGP/month pension contribution upon completion of probationary period.

    Benefits: StARS official benefit policies as stipulated in StARS Policies and Procedures Guidelines

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