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Communication and Graphic Design Officer

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  • Communication and Graphic Design Officer

    ANPPCANSOM is seeking to hire a Communication and Graphic Designer Officer in capturing the impact of the organization for all internal and external communications in the form of designs and collaterals. The Communication and Graphic Designer Officer develops, maintains and produces a variety of promotional and educational material, website, multimedia graphics, and audio/ video productions to support operations and programs’ needs. He/she will help and manage organizational websites and oversee the functionality of the websites, evaluate and manage website performance, facilitate hosting and server management, and develop, maintain and update website content.


    Graphic Design:

    Ø Design and implement all types of graphic design work including reports, publications, posters, brochures, flyers, logos, banners, and multi-media creatives;

    Ø Design promotional materials for disseminating within the organization and throughout the country as well as external stakeholders;

    Ø Organize photo shoot, photography editing, photo re-touching and ensure producing high resolution and high-quality photos;

    Ø Coordinate production activities with printers, service agencies, advertisers, and vendors and review quality of final product before release;

    Ø Deliver creative content solutions through the creation of products;

    Ø Ensure organizations brand, style, and tone are implemented across all channels and products;

    Ø Tailor content across many different formats to optimize experience and overall impact;

    Ø Plan concepts by studying relevant information and materials;

    Ø Illustrate concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, type size and style and submitting them for approval.

    Ø Prepare finished art by operating necessary equipment and software.

    Website Management

    Ø Plan, implement, manage, monitor and upgrade the organization’s websites;

    Ø Identify, respond and troubleshoot all websites issues;

    Ø Identify and respond to all website security breaches;

    Ø Ensure that the websites are protected by enabling the appropriate security measures;

    Ø Update HTML, CSS and JavaScript regularly;

    Ø Create appropriate website content aligned to the organization’s strategy;

    Ø Conduct content audit to eliminate redundant and/or duplicate information;

    Ø Ensure website quality and efficiency by conducting regular test plans;

    Ø Improve user experience of the websites regularly;

    Ø Collaborate with all staff and management to ensure that the websites align with brand strategy and meet the organization’s standards;

    Ø Create strategies to grow subscriber base and web traffic metrics;

    Ø Ensure full compliance on the websites with all laws and regulations;

    Ø Keep up-to-date with industry best practice and monitor competitor websites.


    Ø Assist the senior management, programme and operation teams to create materials required to help achieve the strategic, programme and operational goals of the organization;

    Ø Assist the management, programmes and operation teams in formalizing their presentation, designing handouts and booklets;

    Ø Assist in story telling by capturing pictures and creating videos;

    Ø Create event collaterals and communication materials;

    Ø Manage multiple productions and ensure delivery on time and within budget;

    Ø Build and organize content libraries that can be adapted across ANPPCANSOM;

    Ø Pioneer innovative storytelling solution through all mediums (visual, audio, etc);

    Ø Develop audio- video productions as needed;

    Ø Assist in conducting presentations for the office on branding and messaging guidelines;

    Ø Assist in ensuring the staff adhere to ANPPCANSOM branding and communication guidelines in their correspondence

    Networking & Partnership:

    Ø Develop and maintain a database of the media houses or media personnel to support ANPPCANSOM branding.

    Ø Coordinate with outside agencies, art services, web designers, printing agencies, and colleagues as necessary.

    Documentation, Reporting & Data Management:

    Ø Create a database of photos and videos and keep an easy- to- navigate repository.

    Ø Document and report information required for programmes and policy analysis as well as for ME Events and Logistics:

    Ø Support with designing and printing of backgrounds, billboards, brochures and promotional materials;

    Ø Manage the photo/video database of the organization and develop audio- video productions as needed.

    Fieldwork Work:

    Ø Assist in developing videos and success stories of our beneficiaries that can be shared among our key stakeholders.

    Education, Experience and Competencies Required

    Ø Bachelor s degree qualification in IT, Visual Communication, Graphics Design, Multimedia etc.

    Ø Extensive experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw and InDesign, specifically with web design and multimedia presentation.

    Ø Working knowledge of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript

    Ø Layout and publishing specialist with creative design ability

    Ø 3+ years at a Creative/ Branding/ Digital Agency or in professional commercial design, preferably with a development organization;

    Ø Excellent Desktop Publishing skills, especially with design and photo-editing software

    Ø Excellent understanding of website content management systems (CMS) and technology infrastructures using CSS, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Web-Proxy and Security Audits;

    Ø Comfortable troubleshooting the website and able to constantly improve the User Experience (UX) of the websites.

    Ø Expert knowledge of Macromedia suite, Adobe suite, Content Management Systems and W3C Web standards,

    Ø Highly proficient in HTML, XHTML, CSS design, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, firewalls, (functionality and maintenance), Access, mySQL and JavaScript;

    Ø Great Understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Per Click (PPC);

    Ø Strong attention to detail with an analytical mind and outstanding problem-solving skills;

    Ø Excellent content creation and writing skills;

    Ø Good experience and expertise in Graphics, Animation, & Web Page Editing;

    Ø Strong background in content creation with the ability to communicate clearly;

    Ø Knowledge of design and rapid prototyping tools, like Sketch and InVision;

    Ø The ability to work quickly, efficiently, and accurately within all required aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator);

    Ø A portfolio that shows strong strategic and conceptual thinking applied across a range of deliverables with expertise in design, branding, identity, design systems, typography, and visual storytelling;

    Ø Highly conceptual thinking in both digital and visual design;

    Ø Design tool experience, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Corel Draw, Final Cut Pro, Sketch and InVision

    Ø Expert experience with wireframing and prototyping tools;

    Ø Strong ability to provide clear creative direction and provide timely and helpful feedback to improve creative processes to keep work on budget and schedule;

    Ø Retouching and color correction expertise a plus.

    Ø Good communication & project handling techniques.

    Ø Fantastic time management skills with the ability to multi-task

    Ø Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and Somali.

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