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Risk Management and Compliance Officer

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    UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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    30 Dec 2019

    Risk Management and Compliance Officer

    The position is a part of the Risk Management initiative, increasing investment in and attention to risk management, compliance and oversight to better identify, mitigate and respond to important risks in field operations. The aim is to achieve a more risk-informed management of Operations by reinforcing the continuum between risk identification, root-cause analysis, implementation of risk mitigation measures and response to risks. Key operational risks that affect delivery and impact will be reviewed with particular attention being paid to risks of fraud, corruption, terrorism, money laundering and sexual exploitation and abuse of refugees as well as harassment among team members.

    Reporting to the Senior Risk Management and Compliance Advisor, the incumbent will support operational managers in effective risk management and compliance thereby improving risk culture and integrity in the organization.
    The incumbent shall assist in reviewing the adequacy of risk management and compliance systems, structures, procedures and capacities across the Operation, and support development and delivery of measures as appropriate for their strengthening.
    The incumbent will be part of a network Risk Management 2.0 practitioners and will support corporate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capacity to ensure coherence of approach, identify and address systemic root causes requiring a corporate-level response, and the sharing of best-practice.

    Compliance with relevant policies and rules in operational management constitutes a significant component of risk mitigation. Therefore this position will include review of compliance and support to address any issues arising, with analysis of reasons for non-compliance and appropriate measures going forward.
    The incumbent will work with managers and staff to assist and build their capacities to identify and address risk and compliance issues in their areas of responsibility.


    • Risk management is integrated through planning and decision-making processes throughout the operation.
    • UNHCR managers and staff are supported in their risk and compliance responsibilities through practical advice and assistance.
    • Potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk are identified and corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues are developed and implemented.
    • The Corporate Risk Register is maintained and regularly reviewed.
    • Lessons learned are disseminated

    • Provide support on risk management approaches, tools and compliance issues to management and staff.

    • Support the integration of risk management in operational planning and decision-making processes.

    • Support the review of risks across the operation, including identification, analysis and assessment.

    • Support the design and implementation of risk mitigation actions as appropriate.
    • Assist the risk advisor and functional units in the operation with all aspects of risk management.
    • Maintain and update the Corporate Risk Register as an active risk management tool.
    • Support the coordination and delivery of relevant trainings, workshops and other capacity building initiatives relevant to risk management and compliance internally and with partners.
    • Contribute to improving procedures that integrate risk management and compliance within the

    • Assist in the coordination and the follow-up on the oversight entities recommendations (audit, inspection, evaluation as well as internal compliance monitoring/coordination review assignment), and take appropriate action with the operation’s focal points to address any problems or difficulties arising from monitoring of the process.

    • Undertake support missions in the operation as necessary and agreed/requested.

    • Contribute to inter-agency forums and discussions related to risk management and compliance.

    • Prepare/contribute relevant inputs to reports and analysis as requested.

    • Access to staff and records as required to perform work.

    • Represent the Senior Risk Management and Compliance Advisor as assigned.

    • Assist in the review of the risk and compliance across the operation.

    • Professional qualification in accounting, audit, fraud, public administration.

    • General specific learning/training in the fields of evaluations, risk and programme management.

    • Knowledge of and working experience with Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.

    • Knowledge of additional UN languages.

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