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    International Organization for Migration

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    26 Dec 2019


    IOM is a major actor in post-conflict recovery and reconstruction, and as such is heavily involved in livelihood development and job creation programmes. One of the activities IOM expects to expand in 2020 is a financing mechanism called the Enterprise Development Fund (EDF). This fund enables SMEs to recover and expand, enhance the contribution of the private sector to industrial development, and contribute to poverty reduction through job creation. As such, it supports actions to promote private sector development and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, mobilize investments, and facilitate access to appropriate technologies for Iraq.

    In the context of EDF, IOM is seeking to expand its EDF portfolio to expand financial support to SMEs in the renewable energy (RE) sector, both as a means of promoting the use of clean energy technologies as well as creating jobs. In this context, IOM is seeking to hire a consultant to evaluate the viability of investment in the renewable energy sector in Iraq.

    The objective of this assignment is to produce a feasibility study to assess the feasibility and economic viability of RE technologies in Iraq both as a business opportunity for SMEs and as an alternative source of energy for end users as compared to the current energy sources used in Iraq.

    Specifically, the consultant will prepare a feasibility study covering: the status and prospects of the renewable energy sector in Iraq; the financial and regulatory environment related to renewable energy; evaluation of context-appropriate technologies; and the financial/ economic viability of renewable energy technologies as a business opportunity for SMEs and as an alternative source of energy for end users.

    Under the general guidance of the Chief of Mission (COM), Administrative supervision of the head of office, and direct supervision of the Head of the Returns and Recovery Unit (RRU) and, the successful candidate will be responsible for;

    Core Functions / Responsibilities


    The consultant will be responsible to prepare a report covering the following topics outlined below. In general, the consultant will perform analytical, diagnostic and assessment activities for identifying or evaluating the potential of private sector led developments in the field of renewable energy and environment.

    1. Overview of the current energy and renewable energy landscape in Iraq;

    2. Overview of the financial and regulatory environment related to RE in Iraq;

    3. Review of context-appropriate technologies, their availability and their potential in Iraq, including but not limited to:

    a. On-grid, off-grid and hybrid energy solutions; and

    b. Productive use appliances, both energy efficient and renewable energy-powered.

    1. Building on IOM’s experience working with and data on the SME sector in Iraq, an evaluation of the SME landscape as it concerns RE, and the potential role for expansion of SMEs into the RE sector, including but not limited to:

    a. Understanding of RE within the SME sector and potential interest in increasing engagement in RE;

    b. Potential entry points for existing businesses and startups;

    c. Access to capital for businesses in this sector;

    d. Opportunities for SMEs to offer consumer credit to support purchases of RE equipment and appliances; and

    e. Challenges (current or potential) for SMEs operating in the RE sector.

    1. End-users demand assessment, including but not limited to:

    a. Current level of access to energy in Iraq including type and source of energy used;

    b. RE technologies perceptions and awareness levels; and

    c. Ability and willingness to pay for RE technologies. Here the consultant will be expected to look into the current cost of energy for end users in Iraq and current payment mechanisms as well as the ability and willingness to pay for RE technologies. The aim is to produce a cost benefit analysis to assess the economic viability of RE technologies as compared to current solutions.

    1. Review of the financing landscape, both for potential consumers of renewable energy products as well as SMEs that may operate in the sector;

    2. Recommendations on:

    a. The economic viability of renewbale energy as compared to current energy solutions;

    b. Entry points for SMEs to expand their role in the RE sector; and

    c. Entry points for IOM to support SMEs as a means to promote renewable energy and create jobs.

    The consultant´s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, and quality of the products delivered.

    Note: These are the broad deliverables of the study, but the consultant is expected to propose the right methodology and areas to be covered by the study to achieve its ultimate objective.

    Required Qualifications


    · Education: Advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in a relevant field

    Experience & Skills

    · Experience: Relevant progressive practical experience at professional level acquired through work in a respective industry, central or local government, academia, non-governmental or professional services sector. Proven experience in one or more of the following areas: renewable energy sources including small hydropower, biomass, wind, solar, geothermal and bio-fuels; low-carbon advanced technologies, energy management, energy benchmarking, energy system optimization, energy efficient design, energy policy, monitoring and verification, energy modelling and research, or an associated field. Prior experience in technical cooperation / technical assistance in developing countries is a distinct advantage.

    · Experience working in international organizations and the humanitarian community;

    · Experience in the development of strategies linking research to interventions;

    · Work experience in and knowledge of Iraq a distinct advantage.


    · Fluency in English is required.

    · Any other language is an advantage.

    Behavioral Competencies

    · Takes responsibility and manages constructive criticism.

    · Works effectively with all focal points and managers.

    · Promotes continuous learning; communicates clearly.

    · Takes initiative and drives high levels of performance management.

    · Plans work, anticipates risks, and sets goals within area of responsibility.

    · Displays mastery of subject matter.

    · Contributes to a collegial team environment.

    · Incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation.

    · Displays awareness of relevant technological solutions.

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