Psycho-Social Services Care Provider, Fluent in English 185 views

Psycho-Social Services Care Provider, Fluent in English

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2019
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 26 December 2019
  • Organization: Advocates Abroad
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  • Position: Psycho-Social Services Care Provider (field and remote)

    The Advocates Abroad Psycho-Social Services Team is in constant need of psychologists, trauma therapists, and other medical professionals available to provide psycho-social services remotely and on the ground, in Greece, Italy, Turkey.

    Advocates on this team primarily assess and evaluate refugee clients for vulnerability in preparation for the asylum interview. The assessments can take place remotely (over Skype or phone) or on site. These Advocates further provide crisis intervention assistance, such as suicide prevention, for all refugees and asylum seekers. Lastly, these Advocates provide general mental health and trauma support to the Advocates Abroad teams.

    Remote position

    The minimum desired availability for remote work is three months, five hours per day (approximately one evaluation per day).

    Field position

    A field-based position requires a minimum availability of two weeks and is full-time.


    • Fluency in English.
    • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to working with refugees and asylum seekers or other vulnerable communities is highly desirable.
    • A strong sense of integrity, cultural sensitivity and ability to maintain confidentiality are required.
    • Degree in a relevant field, such as nursing, social work, psychology, or trauma therapy.

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