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Job Title: Job ID: TA – Protection Officer (Accountability to Affected Populations) – Joint UNHCR/WFP Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub


Location: Undetermined

Salary Grade: P3

Hardship Level: H

Family Location Type: Pending

Duties and Qualifications

Temporary Appointment – Vacancy Announcement

Protection Officer (Accountability to Affected Populations) ‘ Joint UNHCR/WFP Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub

Title: Protection Officer (Accountability to Affected Populations- Joint UNHCR/WFP Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub

Duty Station: home-based with significant travel

Duration: 12 months

Contract Type: Temporary Assignment (P3)

Closing date: 26 December (midnight Geneva time)

Start date: 1 February

Operational context

In line with global commitments, agreements, strategies and principles on increased interagency collaboration, UNHCR and WFP have created a Joint Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub. The established framework for collaboration provides a strong basis for the two agencies to provide strategic and operational support at country-level, with the objective of improving outcomes for refugees. This will be achieved through a new way of working, ensuring effective use of limited resources by targeting the right people with the right assistance, including support towards longer-term self-reliance.

Through a joint team of roving professionals, the hub will provide support to country offices throughout the programme cycle: i) Joint situation and context analysis; ii) Integrated programme design, iii) Targeting, iv) Implementation, and v) Monitoring, learning and feedback. The team will provide remote and/or in-country support, building on existing structures and capacities.

The Joint Programme Excellency and Targeting Hub is initially set up for one year and with the capacity to support two countries throughout the entire programme cycle, and to provide support on demand for additional 4 countries using a modular approach (covering selected phases of the programme cycle). The Hub will be led by a Joint Coordinator, reporting to the project leads governed by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), consisting of senior UNHCR and WFP staff from relevant units. To support the joint Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub UNHCR and WFP is recruiting a joint AAP officer.

Functional Statement

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) is essential to ensure assistance is delivered to vulnerable populations in a joint, coherent and people-centered approach that maximizes resources and capacities, contributing to a more effective and sustainable response. The Joint AAP officer will provide support to the Hub staff and selected country teams in order to establish or improve joint AAP strategies, and support the operationalization of the joint strategy. She/he will ensure that AAP is mainstreamed throughout the programme cycle: ‘ Joint situation and needs analysis

‘ Integrated programme design

‘ Targeting strategy

‘ Implementation

‘ Monitoring and learning

Duties and responsibilities

Responsibilities and activities include: ‘ Develop, implement and adjust a Community Engagement Strategy designed in consultation with key stakeholders, including affected populations, that focuses on the following core areas: consultation, information provision, complaints and feedback

‘ Support the establishment of country information management systems to handle two-way data flow to ensure timely information provision, documentation of complaints/feedback and articulated course correction

‘ Support countries with the mapping of communities’ preferred channels of communication, languages and cultural practices (disaggregated by gender, age and diversity) and integration into AAP strategies

‘ As part of the Joint Situation and Needs Analysis, conduct protection risk analysis and ensure that protection is covered in qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and processes

‘ Guide and support community-based consultations to inform programme design and targeting

‘ Support the selection of targeting methods and eligibility criteria that are appropriate and accepted by affected populations

‘ Support integration of voices and priorities of affected populations in joint programme design.

‘ Support joint communication, sensitization and referral plans in consultation with vulnerable populations and strengthen innovative two-way communication with vulnerable populations

‘ Assist agencies and partners to regularly monitor the perception of affected people on the joint response, e.g. the effectiveness and relevance of information provision campaigns, the complaints and feedback mechanisms, and the consultations

‘ Support the development of complaints and feedback mechanisms, referral systems and joint approaches to manage sensitive complaints, including allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, with adapted pathways that adhere to data protection principles.

‘ Represent UNHCR and WFP and the joint project in relevant coordination fora, including AAP working groups, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Networks and gender, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) groups.

‘ Provide input into routine reports to both UNHCR and WFP as well as the donors on the implementation of the project.

‘ Provide support, advice and training, where applicable, to colleagues and partners on AAP.

Essential minimum qualifications and professional experience required

‘ Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience with graduate degree (equivalent of a Master’s) or 6 years with undergraduate degree (equivalent of BA/BS)in humanitarian response, including operational experience.

‘ Proven knowledge of the subject area and experience working on AAP in operational settings.

‘ Proven knowledge of information management systems and data flow

‘ Proven experience applying data protection principles in an AAP context

‘ Proven experience managing complaints and feedback mechanism, information campaigns and participatory programming

‘ Experience working with or collaborating with UNHCR or WFP

‘ Experience in adapting global policies, strategies and tools to the local context

‘ Demonstrated facilitation and capacity building skills with different types of stakeholders

‘ Pro-active attitude and problem-solving skills.

‘ Excellent interpersonal skills, team player, excellent communication and facilitation skills (written and oral, in English).

‘ Demonstrated capacity to capture lessons learned from experience and write documents that are practical and concise.

‘ Coping with pressure: ability to work productively and in an organized fashion in a fast-paced environment.

‘ Fluency (oral, written) in French is highly desirable

Key Competencies

‘ Analytical Thinking

‘ Innovation and Creativity

‘ Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

‘ Planning and Organizing

‘ Political Awareness

‘ Stakeholder Management

‘ Change Capability and Adaptability

Location: The successful candidate will be home based with significant travel.

Deadline for applications: 26 December (midnight Geneva time).

The UNHCR and WFP workforce consists of many diverse nationalities, cultures, languages and opinions. UNHCR and WFP seek to sustain and strengthen this diversity to ensure equal opportunities as well as an inclusive working environment for its entire workforce. Applications are encouraged from all qualified candidates without distinction on grounds of race, colour, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Please note that the closing date for applications to this TA advertisement is Thursday 26 December 2019 (midnight Geneva time).

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