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UNOPS Closing Date : 2019-12-09
Duty Station : Yangon, Myanmar
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Organization: UNOPS
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 09 Dec 2019

The Irrigation and Design Engineer under the leadership of the Project Director and the Project Management Advisor is responsible to provide necessary technical advises and guidance to the National Irrigation Specialist and the technicians of IWUMD who are implementing the day to day activities of Project Component 1 Strategic Investment, Land Development Sub-component which covers the Irrigation schemes renovation/improvement and land development.

The Irrigation and Design Engineer is accountable of the performance and value of the ESAP project, its implementing agency IWUMD and MOALI as a whole which will contribute directly to the core value of the donor IFAD.

The Irrigation and Design Engineer s accountability/key results are the completion of the project irrigation supports and the land development which are the main intervention of the project which is major project investment to achieve the project objectives, goals and impacts such as reduction of the poverty, improvement of the nutrition, improve market access of the local products, improvement of the climate smart agriculture, good agriculture practices, increase the farmers incomes.

The investment in the irrigation renovation and the land development is the major investment of the project as approximately 50% of the project budget is allocated for it. The effectiveness of the investment is vested not only with the irrigation sector development, but coordination with the other related sectors such as Local Authorities, Agriculture, For Forestry, Community Development, Department of Agricultural Mechanization (DAM), Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistic (DALMs), Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM),Environment conservation entities, etc.

S/he must be able to apply, with directions, the below duties and responsibilities.

Review the Agriculture Infrastructure works (Land consolidation, Irrigation canal improvement, Irrigation system maintenance, Drainage, etc.) provisioned in the Project Design and Project Implementation manual in comparison with the actual capacity of the implementing agencies and the needs of the grass root beneficiaries.Review and assess the quality of available soil maps, hydraulics, topographic and cadastral data for designing, identify additional data and information required for designs and drawings.Produce terms of reference for service providers and contractors for implementation of the specific irrigation infrastructure works.Identify the entities for the survey design works, develop the service agreements/contracts for survey and design works.To advise in selection of irrigation technologies such as field-water management systems including drip, center pivot, sprinkler, etc. To ensure that the monitoring of the performance of the service providers for compliance with the contracts/agreements are sound and in order. Review them and advise for improvement as necessary.Review contracts for the Irrigation construction/improvement/renovation works, land development and land consolidation works and improve them as necessary.To ensure that Quality Assurance, Quality Control are planned and followed for the Irrigation infrastructure works, work schedule, compliance with the social and environmental safeguards.

Review the work completion reports of the contractors, organize the formal field inspection of the construction committee for the works completed, processing of the payments, and liability mitigation works of the contractors and provide necessary advice.

Assist in producing capacity building plan for technical staffs under IWUMD, DALMS, AMD, to produce training plan including study tours.

To provide necessary guidance for handing over of the irrigation schemes/lands to the beneficiaries along with the responsibility for operation and maintenance.

To provide advises for the operation maintenance of the irrigation infrastructure (Post construction).

To make sure that the social safeguard and environmental safeguards issues are embedded to the designs/drawings/BOQs and fully complied with.

Other duties assigned by the Project Director as required.Procedures:

Study the project Design Report, Irrigation rehabilitation and the Land development activities provisioned, their budget allocation, implementation arrangement.

Study the on-going irrigation infrastructure activities including the topographic survey and designing works.

Meeting with the responsible technicians of IWUMD and its technical branches such as Investigation branch (Topographic Survey), Design branch, Water Resource Branch.

Field visits to the project sites Shan state and Ka Yin State.

To meet the similar projects in the region such as ADB, World Bank, JICA projects under IWUMD, Projects under DRD.Knowledge Management:

Actively interact with other Project management personals and groups to share case studies, lessons learned and best practice on the Knowledge System.Provide feedback to Practice Leads on policy, supporting guidance with an aim towards continuous improvement of UNOPS policiesComplete lessons learned as per reporting format

Incorporate lessons learned from others as per planning formatCore Values and Principles:

Understand and respect UNOPS sustainability principles

Look for ways to embed UNOPS sustainability principles.Seek opportunities to champion gender equality at work place.

Understand and Respect National ownership and capacity

Understand the principles of the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness and mainstream them into the project plans Look for ways to build capacity of local counterparts

Partnerships and Coordination

Understand the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and UNOPS, the project s place in the UN systemStrive to build strong partnerships and effective coordination among relevant project actors (e.g. United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations or other relevant partners)Accountability for results and the use of resources Service agreements, contracting, procurement of the works are in line with the role and regulation of the donor and transparent. To report to the project management in case of any doubt arisen.Excellence Contribute to innovation and the adaptation of best practice standards of sustainability and quality.Completion of the designs and drawings for the rehabilitation of 12 Irrigation schemes in Ka Yin State, 5 irrigation schemes in Ho Pong Valley and One Irrigation scheme in Taunggyi district.Guidelines for Survey and designing of the Irrigation Infrastructure, Service Agreements, Contracting, Contract monitoring, Handing over, Operation and maintenance.Capacity building plan for IWUMD.

Expected Results Completion of the designs and drawings for the rehabilitation of 12 Irrigation schemes in Ka Yin State, 5 irrigation schemes in Ho Pong Valley and One Irrigation scheme in Taunggyi district.
Guidelines for Survey and designing of the Irrigation Infrastructure, Service Agreements, Contracting, Contract monitoring, Handing over, Operation and maintenance.

Capacity building plan for IWUMD.


Master s Degree in Hydrologic Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation, or related field.A Bachelor s degree in the same fields with additional two years relevant experience can be accepted in lieu of Master s degree.Work ExperienceMinimum 7 years of experience in Irrigation survey/design, construction and maintenance.Experience in Irrigated agriculture, operation of the water user groups, land consolidation, land use planning.Comprehensive knowledge in computer software, particularly AutoCAD (latest Versions 2009 and higher) is required.Previous working experience in Southeast Asia.Language RequirementFluency in both written and spoken English is required.
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Apply here – VA/2019/B5518/18773

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