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Macro-fiscal training expert – Kosovo

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    03 Jan 2020

    Chemonics seeks a short-term Macro-fiscal Training Expert for the ongoing USAID/Kosovo Economic Governance Activity. The Activity is a five-year initiative which aims to improve self-reliant, inclusive, governance of the business environment and strengthen public financial management to facilitate economic growth, reducing public perception of and opportunities for economic corruption, thereby encouraging investment in Kosovo’s economy. The short-term Macro-fiscal Training Expert will support the Government of Kosovo’s Ministry of Finance(MoF) Macroeconomics Unit to design a basic standardized induction training program and train existing MoF MU staff to replicate and provide this training program to newly recruited staff, as well as a potential new internship program with local universities. This assignment is estimated to occur between February 2020 and December 2020, and require up to 45 days of work with at least one trip to Kosovo. We are seeking individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Identify key categorized training needs of the existing MoF MU staff

    • Prepare a proposal for designing an induction categorized training program which can be replicated by existing MoF MU staff

    • Prepare basic macro-fiscal induction training materials, and identify if such courses exist with the third-parties (such as IMF)

    • Train existing MoF MU staff (and possibly the Central Bank Research Department staff) on the same material through a series of training sessions

    • Mentor MoF MU staff to deliver the same training to a group of senior students or recent graduates

    • Conceptualize how the content of the training can be translated into e-learning modules in the future building from substantive tangible material which is the focus of this assignment

    • Create a digital library of materials underpinning the training and (potential) e-learning modules supplementing the tangible ‘off-the-shelf’ modules developed above

    • Identify mechanisms to ensure induction training for new staff is institutionalized at MoF

    • Assess the relevance of the existing forecasting model used by the Unit and recommend short- and medium- term improvements to further develop the model (within the limits of data availability/reliability in Kosovo, and given existing capacities within the Unit)

    Qualifications: •

    • At least 10 years of international experience in macro-fiscal analysis, forecasting, and budgeting

    • Proven experience in providing training for macro-fiscal functions in the context of the Ministries of Finance and Central Banks

    • Experience leading, participating in, or supporting similar assignments in other countries with demonstrated sustained institutional outcomes

    • Experience with Kosovo would be an advantage• Post-graduate degree in economics or related field

    • Professional proficiency in written and spoken English

    • Advanced skill with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office tools, as well as statistical software packages

    • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity

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