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Local expert for developing HIV component

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    FHI 360

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    27 Dec 2019

    Support CCM Thailand to develop funding request on HIV/TB programs to the Global Fund for the period 2021-2023: a local expert


    The CCM Thailand decided to submit the Funding Request (FR) on HIV/TB program to the Global Fund for the period 2021-2023. Time schedule for developing the FR was planned and expected to submit to the Global Fund by 23 Mar 2020; in order that the programs under the current grant (2018-2020) should not be interrupted. The Full Review approach for application has been selected and leave the space for a comprehensive review of strategic priorities and reprogramming.

    The Global Fund put the guidance that all FRs must consider evidence-based interventions that respond to the epidemiological context; position programs to maximize impact against HIV, TB and malaria; and contribute towards building resilient and sustainable systems for health.

    Thus, CCM Thailand needs the technical assistance for the FR development.

    Objective and expected results

    The overall objective of the mission is to coordinate the development of the Funding Request of the next funding proposal on HIV/TB to the Global Fund for the period 2021-2023.

    Description of tasks

    There are 2 periods of working:

    1. Proposal development

    Leading the country writing team arranging multi-consultations to identify gaps, to define the strategic framework of the funding request and to launch the call for PR(s). The selected PR(s) will start working with the writing team after 10 January 2020. Workshops with different groups for specific issues will be organized during 13 January 2020- 28 February 2020. The first complete funding request is expected to be available by 9 March 2020 for review by the CCM. The final approval by the CCM will occur by 20 March 2020.

    Together with the writing team and the international expert will lead the development of the funding request, including the following activities:

    · Review the context of HIV and TB in Thailand in order to define the problem and assess the response to date;

    · Analyse programmatic gaps and funding landscape;

    · Prioritize funding needs and choose best response for highest impact;

    · Determine appropriate operationalization, risk mitigation and financial sustainability;

    · Complete the Funding Request Application Form; and

    · Complete required documents

    The expert will also ensure that relevant findings from the country dialogue are incorporated into the final Funding Request as well as coordinate the work done by international experts for HIV and TB (supported by the 5% French Initiatives) in the final Funding Request.

    1. Responses to TRP’s review and recommendations

    Leading the country team reviewing the recommendations of the TRP of the Global Fund and arranging the consultation with relating stakeholders to respond the TRP’s review and recommendations.

    Expected deliverables

    All required completed sections of the funding request and its annexes as per Global Fund guidance:

    The Funding Request Application Form of TB/HIV including 5 Sections as followed:

    Section 1: Context related to the funding request

    Section 2: Program elements proposed for Global Fund support, including rationale

    Section 3: Planned implementation arrangements and risk mitigation measures

    Section 4: Funding landscape, co-financing and sustainability

    Section 5: Prioritized above allocation request

    Required documents for the Funding Request including:

    1. Programmatic gap table

    2. Funding landscape

    3. Performance framework

    Responses to the Global Fund TRP’s review and recommendations.


    Provisional Start date: 13 January 2020

    Provisional End date: 31 May 2020

    Effective duration: 60 working days

    Qualifications and skills:

    • Physician and / or master’s degree or training in public health or infectious diseases with an

    • Excellent skills in:

    · Program design, logical framework, budgeting.

    · Facilitation skills in small/large group settings with diverse constituencies.

    · Communication with multiple stakeholders.

    · Team work.

    • Excellent interpersonal, co-ordination and negotiation skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

    • Proven conceptual analytical and evaluative skills and ability to conduct independent research and analysis, identifying issues, formulating options and making conclusions and recommendations.

    • Excellent planning, organization and problem-solving skills in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders.

    • Proven ability to meet tight deadlines and to work effectively under pressure, including in a multi-cultural environment.

    • Excellent command of the English language: verbal and oral.

    • Excellent writing skills and competency in computer applications.

    • Knowledge of Thai is an asset.

    Professional Experience:

    • Extensive HIV experience in developing country setting, preferably in South-East Asia.

    • Experience in writing Global Fund funding request

    • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the national, regional and global responses to HIV.

    • Familiarity with the HIV program in Thailand.

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