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Human Capital Talent Management Team Leader

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    US Agency for International Development

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    05 Dec 2019

    The OTI Human Capital Talent Management Team Leader is a full-time Personal Services Contract (PSC) position at the GS-13 equivalent level and located in Washington DC. Offers for this position are due no later than December 5 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please read the entire solicitation at


    As a key member of the OTI Operations and Management Division, the HCTM Team Leader is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of OTI’s human resources function. In addition to managing OTI’s most important resource, its people, the HCTM Team Leader will be a strategic partner to the Senior Leadership to participate in office strategy in addition to support administration.



    ● Manage a team of up to five people staffed at the GS 07 through GS 12 equivalent levels; recruit HCTM team members, set expectations and work objectives; assign and balance team workload; review work products; train and develop program-funded staff utilizing updated job aides and other training materials; hold staff accountable, provide constructive annual evaluations as well as ongoing feedback and address personnel issues as they arise;


    ● Serve as strategic advisor to the OTI Deputy Chief, Operations and Management Division on personnel management processes. Demonstrate a sound understanding of agency and federal procurement policies and regulations related to OTI systems for the recruitment and management of program-funded staff (such as U.S. Personal Services Contractor staff and Foreign Service Limited staff, etc.);

    ● Develop and maintain effective relationships with all OTI staff and across USAID offices. Evaluate processes to improve best practices and seek innovative ways of doing business to improve efficiency and effectiveness;

    ● Liaise with the Agency’s General Counsel (GC), Office of Acquisitions and Assistance (OAA), Human Capital and Talent Management , Agency Management Staff (AMS), and other entities to ensure OTI follows standardized USAID policies and procedures, advocate for OTI requirements, and ensure that appropriate waivers are employed to enable rapid response for political transition programs overseas;

    ● Perform services under this scope of work at physical locations other than Washington OTI headquarters, including within other USAID offices, bureaus or other USG agencies not to exceed six months. Serve as Acting Deputy Chief, Operations and Management when required.


    ● Maintain a strong understanding of USAID PSC policies including contracting and benefits as governed by USAID Acquisition Regulation’s (AIDAR) Appendix D. Maintain effective knowledge of industry trends, employment legislation, as well as federal and agency regulations pertaining to U.S. Personal Services Contractors and other program funded hiring mechanisms to ensure office compliance. Design and execute a communication strategy to inform staff of changes to personnel policies and procedures;

    ● Provide guidance and direction for office workforce planning efforts, ensuring a link to the larger OTI strategic plan, and secure adequate resources and tools for planning and administrative purposes; recommend actions to OTI supervisors to ensure maximum effective use and placement of program-funded personnel; ensure guidance documents such as job aids and office orders and templates are updated on OTI knowledge network;

    ● Manage the HCTM budget and serve as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), backstop COR, or supervisor of the COR, for an institutional support contractor providing a range of personnel and procurement support, ensuring that OTI requirements are met (COR certification requires the successful completion of a USAID training course within the first 6-12 months of employment);

    ● Serve as the OTI point of contact for assisting in the recruitment and retention of all OTI direct hire staff both civil and foreign service. Oversee staffing levels and organizational charts to support OTI as a contingency office; ensure OTI compliance with all Agency and DCHA Bureau data calls on staffing and personnel.


    ● Use broad knowledge and experience in administrative office management, to liaise with offices outside of OTI, to successfully oversee issues related to facilities management including space, cube and workstation assignments and changes, telephone assignments and transfers, records management, and general office management such as supply orders and safety and emergency preparedness; serve as a Direct Line Officer (DLO) for OTI and liaises with Bureau-level Administrative Management Services (AMS);

    ● Research, analyze and troubleshoot and resolve issues on benefits as they arise across all hiring mechanisms and recommend solutions for implementation by OTI management; Represent OTI in DCHA and/or Agency efforts related to human resources such as serving on committees to analyze and recommend changes to PSC policies and prepare deviations on benefits issues for PSCs;

    ● Manage OTI’s security clearance and badging processes for all hiring mechanisms across the office, including addressing issues with DCHA AMS and USAID’s Office of Security (SEC). Manage unit security and classified information access for OTI; oversee process and management of ClassNet requests and issues;

    ● Manage and coordinate OTI records management program including maintenance and disposition of administrative and program files; serve as records liaison officer and coordinate with Office of Information and Records Division (IRD) accordingly ensuring OTI is in compliance with latest records regulations;

    ● Develop, maintain, and implement office policies and procedures related to general administrative office management to maintain efficiency. Provide support and updated information to supervisors and employees on questions and requests related to the administrative support services provided by OTI; Identify issues/problems and escalate any major management issues to the attention of the Deputy Chief, Operations and Management Division;

    ● Coordinate with OTI’s Senior Leadership Team in drafting, distributing, reviewing, and analyze staff morale and/or support surveys in order to improved performance and morale across the office; Oversee the coordination and facilitation of office-wide morale and well-being activities, including but not limited to multiple annual OTI events and staff care initiatives;

    ● Coordinate closely between OTI’s three divisions (Operations and Management Division, Field Programs Division, and the Program, Learning and Innovations Division) on all issues related to human resources; talent management, administrative management and workforce planning.


    ● Advise and assist OTI management on sensitive personnel issues for all hiring mechanisms. Serve as lead advisor and mediator to research and resolve workplace conduct and performance management issues. Design an effective employee relations strategy to preserve the employer-employee relationship; In consultations with the CO, advise on performance improvement plans, benchmarks and program-funded contract terminations; Manage relationships with inter-agency and other government agencies in support of OTI program funded staff on resolving complaints, claims or actions regarding EEO, harassment, labor relations, ethics and other similar processes;

    ● Conduct exit interviews to determine reasons for staff departures, and make necessary changes to program-funded staff policy and succession planning; represent OTI in DCHA and/or Agency efforts related to rightsizing and regionalization or other relevant topics;

    ● Oversee the interpretation and application of USAID Automated Directive System (ADS) policies relating to human capital, and talent management issues; research, analyze and recommend HCTM related OTI specific policies in line with USG requirements;

    ● Oversee recognition and incentive-building programs for program-funded staff; Develop, maintain, and implement office recognition and incentive policies and procedures aligned with OTI’s mission, vision and goals; Collaborate with OTI supervisors and employees to establish innovative recognition opportunities to support retention, engagement and organization morale;

    ● Oversee OTI’s compliance with annual performance evaluations requirements across all hiring mechanisms. This includes tracking compliance against submission requirements, following up with OTI supervisors/managers and serving as liaison with appropriate oversight office (HCTM or USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance). Strategically align performance criteria systems with office competencies, values, goals and strategic vision. Establish human resources objectives in line with office strategies;

    ● Coordinate informational sessions on best practices related to supervising, managing, leading and/or mentoring staff and other applicable human capital and talent management topics; liaise with OTI Talent Management Unit, inter-agency offices, USAID Training and Development and external resources in support of OTI program-funded staff; ensure supervisor, management and leadership guidance and tools are updated on OTI knowledge network.


    At a minimum, the offeror must have:

    (1) A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of six (6) years of work experience;


    Associates degree with a minimum eight (8) years of work experience;


    A high school diploma with a minimum of ten (10) years of work experience


    (2) Four (4) years of experience in the field of operations or administrative management positions, including, but not limited to: human resources, office management, recruitment, benefits/compensation, employee relations, training and development, performance management as well as strategic planning for a large organization with staff located in at least two locations;


    (3) Three (3) years of supervisory experience, including training, guiding and mentoring staff.

    Please direct questions about this position or the offer process to the OTI Recruitment Team at

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