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Job title : General Director

Work Location : Johannesburg, South Africa

Duration : Three-year term, with possible 3 year extension maximum.

Reports to : Reports directly to the board of MSF Southern Africa (MSF-SnA).

Represents MSF-SnA in the Full Executive Committee platform**

Start date : March 2020

Deadline for applications : 12 January 2020


Doctors without Borders (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation committed to two objectives: providing medical assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion, natural and man-made disasters; and speaking out about the plight of the populations assisted. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Today, MSF is present in more than 60 countries, where thousands of MSF doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, and other medical and non-medical professionals work together to bring essential health services to people caught in humanitarian crises. Organizationally, MSF is made up of 5 operational centres (OCs) and 25 offices worldwide.

ABOUT MSF-Southern Africa (MSF SnA)

In 2007, MSF opened the first branch office located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and during the 2015 MSF International General Assembly, MSF Southern Africa (MSF-SnA) was accepted as a full section, bringing the total number of sections across the MSF movement to 24.

The MSF-SnA section office is composed of 7 units/departments:

  1. Operational Support Unit (Program Unit);
  2. Communications;
  3. Fundraising;
  4. Human Resources;
  5. Finance;
  6. General Direction (incl. General Services & IT ) and
  7. South African Medical Unit (SAMU) a hybrid medical unit-linked directly to the OCB Medical Department and based in Cape Town.

From 2020, the office will also host OCB a regional support team, directly connected with more than 10 projects across the Southern African region. MSF-SnA recruits medical staff and other professionals to work in MSF projects around the world while also raising funds to support the organisation’s international work. It actively engages in sharing information with the public, the media, government agencies, and other non-governmental organisations to raise awareness about the plight of those afflicted by humanitarian crises. MSF-SnA also supports MSF programmes in the region by providing medical expertise, including specific medical training for MSF field staff.

MSF SnA in figures (2019):

· 92 employees

· 150-200 fieldworkers

· 42.000 donors, around 2M€ income per year

· 240.000 Social media followers


Providing strong guidance of MSF SnA, and ensure transparency and effective management of all departments in accordance with Strategic and Annual plans approved by the Board of Directors (BoD). To ensure good communication between the Executive and the BoD and to help develop and implement MSF SA’s vision with guidance from the BoD.

A. Steer MSF SnA Strategy as per the strategic orientations 2020-2023

B. Support MSF Operations in the region and worldwide through MSF SnA platforms

C. Actively Support MSF SnA governance through its Board of Directors and its regional association

D. Develop MSF SnA position in the various international platforms (OCB GD 10 & Full-Excom, Core+ groups or any other bilateral relations with MSF entities)

E. Promote humanitarian values & MSF in the region within Southern African societies

The mandate of the General Director has the obligation to represent the Section allocating at least 75% of his time to supporting MSF SnA and the rest of the time allocated to regional and international commitments.



· To work, supervise and coordinate activities with the Heads of Departments

· To develop and monitor the strategy and annual activities and budget in coordination with the Managers of MSF SA and in synergy with the board of MSF SA.

· To support the realisation of MSF SA departments action plans and strategic activities related to MSF SA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

· To steer and help develop the 2024-2027 MSF SA Strategic Plan, developing annual budgets and strategic activities thereafter.

· To ensure good information flow, communication, and synergy among all the team members especially within the Management Team & Extended-Management Team for strategic issues.

· To be cognisant of the Diversity in the MSF SnA office and to the support and actively encourage the integration of all staff, interns & office volunteers

· To provide leadership to and manage the employees, interns and office volunteers who are engaged in the following areas of activity: recruitment, fundraising, programmes/advocacy/support to operations, communications and administration & finance.

· To coach, empower and mentor other staff in the areas of responsibility in order to both ensure the staff’s creative growth and to optimise results and performances in these areas of expertise.

· To inspire the MSF SnA teams and ensure continuous knowledge and know-how about MSF operations, principles, and ethics.

· To ensure that MSF’s field activities for populations in danger are the continuous focus of MSF SnA’s work.


· Host and support regional operational platforms (OCB Field Recentralisation or regional ops support entities like SAMU and other OPS positions.

· To ensure that MSF SnA regularly engages with MSF operations in the region: field visits, detachments, maintain or host regional platforms, regional operational days (e.g. SAMU days, Southern Operational Forum in Africa), associative events within the projects and missions of the region.

· To keep a particular focus on EPREP over the region (together with the OSU and the various OCs present), be ready to activate MSF SnA resources and redirect priorities according to operational needs in the region


· To oversee that the executive of MSF-SnA adheres to MSF’s core values and principles as indicated in its charter and associated social values (including, The Call for Change (2018), La Mancha (2006) and Chantilly (1994) documents).

· To provide the MSF SnA BoD with all information needed to assist in the task of policy shaping and being the guarantor for the organisation.

· To provide the MSF SnA BoD with the necessary documentation and reporting for the follow-up of executive activities and performance/results.

· Represents the Executive Management at Board meetings and works in close collaboration with the Board to deliver on the approved strategy

· To participate in all MSF Southern Africa board meetings & propose Board meeting agenda points.

· To participate actively in all MSF SnA General Assemblies across the region and represents the Office in all MSF General Assemblies across the Region

To participate regularly to country Field Associative Debates (FAD) regional associative meetings whenever possible.

· To work with the Board to ensure active participation in the international platforms of MSF and all other international themes and dossiers needed to be debated/discussed and ratified by the MSF-SnA BoD.

· To ensure, together with the executive and the external auditor, the timely finalisation of MSF-SnA annual accounts audit and reporting.

· To work towards reinforcing the associative structure within MSF SnA


· To actively strive for a coherent and accountable international organisation by participating in the debates (shared operationality, growth management, mutualisation, international governance, etc.).

· To participate actively to the coherence, the pertinence & the good coordination of MSF international platforms and projects (Full-Executive Committee and ensure participation/sensitisation of all departments of MSF-SnA executive, and board members (together with the president) to these specific topics.

· To ensure the implementation of MSF’s international management tools & projects related to MSF SnA

· To actively participate to the OCB group meetings such as the critical review of OCB operations and activities and the prospects for the coming year, the bi-weekly GD 10 teleconferences, the quarterly Extended Co-dir meetings, OCB board meetings, seminars, etc

· To work for and with the Management Team of OCB (especially with its General Director & Deputy GD) to strive for the continuation of the meaningful/efficient operational co-ownership and creative implementation of the OCB Group Co-Management.

· To represent and actively carry MSF Southern Africa’s views and perspectives to the OCB Group’s various executive platforms.


· To represent MSF-SnA in meetings and to act as a spokesperson in various platforms with other South Africa NGOs, Government, Institutions, Community groups, Academia, Corporates, Major Donors, etc.

· To ensure, together with the OSU & Communications units of MSF Southern Africa, that MSF International advocacy positions/messages are appropriately represented to relevant authorities, organisations, media and civil society in South Africa. Major positions must be communicated and endorsed by the board of MSF-SnA.

· To ensure that MSF’s identity, mission, and name is used in a representative and consistent manner across all activities of MSF-SnA.

· To act, in co-ordination with the president of the board, as MSF-SnA official spokesperson and ensure that this function is delegated, encouraged and assisted among other members of the board, office and/or association.


Knowledge & Skills

· A relevant masters degree, minimum bachelors degree

· At least 5 years of proven management experience including change management and team development

· Understanding and knowledge of the socio-political and economic realities of Southern Africa

· Knowledge of international political issues

· Working experience in humanitarian field settings

· Working experience in cross-cultural settings

· Understanding of financial management issues

· Direct experience of budgeting, fiscal control, and financial planning

· Understanding of fundraising

· Fluent written and spoken English

· Knowledge of French – spoken and written (valuable)

· Strong network within the MSF movement (valuable)

Required competence:

· Genuine commitment to and understanding of humanitarian principles and the aims and objectives of MSF

· Solid commitment/involvement towards the international dimension of MSF

· Ability to develop a vision and a proven track record of translating concepts into practice

· Strong leadership capacity and ability to lead senior management level and support a cross-team working environment.

· Excellent understanding of humanitarian policy, media engagement, and advocacy

· Strong interpersonal and communication skills

· Strong conflict transformation and management skills

· Strong organisational, reporting and planning skills

· Politically aware and personally resilient, with the ability to assess and influence politics internally and externally to the advantage of our patients

· Excellent presentational skills including radio and TV interviews and speaking in public

· Willingness to learn about the Southern African context and environments relevant for MSF’s operations

· Willingness to travel locally, regionally and internationally

· Ability to adapt to various computer-assisted management tools

· Driving Licence


Gross monthly salary at 100%: R66 608.01 – R79 929.61 (salary commensurate with experience and internal salary grid)

Benefits: 100% Medical Insurance, Transport Allowance, Provident Fund (10% of Gross Basic Salary), 13th Cheque, Cellphone Allowance

Global Position Package: (extra compensation) – Re-location expenses, an annual ticket home for employee and family, School fees allowance (Maximum R25 000 per child up to a maximum of 3 Children), Global Position Allowance (R10 000 per month); 3 Year End of Mandate benefit (equivalent to 3 months’ salary)

How to apply:

TO APPLY: Please email a one page motivation letter, your comprehensive CV with details of 3 contactable references to [email protected].

MSF reserves the right not to make an appointment if a suitable candidate cannot be found. While MSF thanks all interested applicants, only short-listed applications will be contacted.

Closing: 12th January 2020

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