Exploratory mission to Venezuela to assess uncovered priority needs and produce adequate responses in favor of extreme hardship cases 175 views

Exploratory mission to Venezuela to assess uncovered priority needs and produce adequate responses in favor of extreme hardship cases

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    Closing date:
    05 Jan 2020

    Exploratory mission to Venezuela to assess uncovered priority needs and produce adequate responses in favor of extreme hardship cases amongst the crisis-affected populations

    Country: Venezuela

    Duration: up to 40 working days (with possibility of extension)

    Reporting to: HEKS Desk Officer, Humanitarian Aid – Khalid Grein

    Deployment: as soon as possible according to availability

    Application deadline: 5th January 2020


    The deepening political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela has led to the collapse of almost all basic services, including access to health, clean drinking water, electricity, food and fuel shortages. Moreover, the ongoing crisis has produced one of the biggest mass displacements in the history of South America. The situation is further aggravated by the complete collapse of the value of the local currency, which sees Venezuelans monthly salaries being worth just 2-3 USD/month. Tight sanctions being imposed on Venezuela, most essential products such as food and medical supplies have become rare commodities. The embargos in place are also making it difficult for the country to maintain its agricultural production due to the challenges of importing vital agricultural products such as seeds and fertilizers.

    It is estimated that around 10-12 million Venezuelans (OCHA 2019) are presently food insecure and that chronic malnutrition rates of children under 5 years are at alarming rates of 5-7% (WFP, 2019). According to OCHA (2019) food security is at a critical level in the country with over 6 million Venezuelans being completely dependent on the monthly food rations being provided by the government. Access to clean drinking water is also a major public health issue. It is estimated that only 18% of the population have access to clean drinking water. The lack of sufficient access to clean drinking water and medical services and supplies are increasingly creating a public health crisis in Venezuela.

    The Humanitarian Response Plan 2019 (HRP) for Venezuela estimates that over 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, which represents approximately a quarter of the entire population of which 4.5 million have already left the country. If the crisis in Venezuela persists another 8 to 10 million people are estimated to leave the country. According to the HRP the most critical needs are in the field of WASH, food security and health with 4.3 million, 3.7 million and 2.8 million people in need, respectively. In terms of needs the states of Zulia, Táchira, Apure, Amazonas, Bolivar, Delta Amarcuro, Sucre and Miranda have been prioritized. According to the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report published on 19 September by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Venezuela is one of the 41 countries worldwide that need extreme food aid. The report explains how hyperinflation has eroded local purchasing power, generating significant barriers for households to access food, whilst at the same time, a decrease in cereal production is expected due to the lack of agricultural inputs.

    The scale of humanitarian needs is to date far beyond the capacities of UN agencies, INGOs and national NGOs. With currently 7 international NGOs, 9 UN agencies and 44 national NGOs providing assistance to the affected population the coverage is spread quite thin. Fuel shortages and lack of transportation means is one of the major challenges faced in providing assistance especially remote areas and border regions of the country. While national NGOs have long standing experience in providing services and have the widest coverage across the country most of them lack basic experience in provision of humanitarian assistance and there is a considerable need of capacity building of these local entities to enable them to provide more humanitarian services and increase their coverage.


    The main objective of the mission is to conduct reliable fact-finding missions and assessment missions into uncovered needs inside Venezuela to identify and develop need-based projects in favor of extreme hardship cases amongst the crisis-affected which can secure funding from main institutional donors (i.e. HCR, SDC, etc.). HEKS is not yet an ECHO or USAID partner and the consultant will need to take this into consideration and find identify solutions to access such funds (e.g. consortia)


    The Consultant (s) shall deliver following:

    • Liaise and meet with the relevant humanitarian actors to include: Donors (ECHO,SDC, DFID,OFDA etc.), UN Agencies (esp. UNHCR, OCHA, UNICEF and UNDSS), INGOs (NRC, Mercy Corp, Oxfam, IRC, Caritas, DKH, LWF, HI, PUI, etc.), INGO forum leads (NRC), Nationals NGOs, community organizations, municipalities and technical ministries etc.). Attend relevant technical clusters meeting and meet with the cluster leads (see list attached) to help identify the unmet humanitarian needs in different part of the country and the potential funding opportunities for HEKS.
    • Meet with the identified legal advisor to get a clear understanding of the steps for HEKS to obtain its registration and with approval from HQ engage the lawyer to start the formal registration process
    • Conduct fact-finding and assessment missions into areas where HEKS/EPER could start a potential intervention aiming at covering basic needs of extreme hardship cases amongst the crisis-affected population
    • Identify and meet local partners who could potentially implement or complement HEKS/EPER interventions. Analyses the respective partners technical and operational capacity and what inputs would be required from HEKS to build the capacity of the partner organization (N.A. Note Donors in Venezuela are open to funding capacity building by INGOS of their local partners)
    • Following the required templates, develop concept papers and full-fledged project proposals that could be submitted to donors such as SDC, UNHCR with clear indication of resources and budget needed.
    • Network with other INGOs to find consortium opportunities towards ECHO/ and others working with an INGO with an ECHO FPA e.g. PUI, HI, DKH, Oxfam etc.
    • Meet with the HEKS local partner (i.e. Procalde: http://www.procladecolven.org ) to better understand their organization and its capacity in the 3-5 locations that they are in Venezuela, providing as required some technical assistance for the setting up of their project funded by HEKS. Evaluate whether Proclade is suitable national partner to be included in the project to be proposed by HEKS to various donors going forward.
    • Evaluate the potential to sign a partnership agreement with UNHCR to be one of their implementing partners in their country program (WASH, Shelter, CASH etc.).
    • In terms of reporting provide to the desk a weekly update of work undertaken, meetings held and work plan for the following week
    • Centralize relevant data allowing to produce a summary security plan to assure safe operations inside Venezuela (i.e. location specific)


    • University degree in a relevant field
    • Minimum 3-5 years-experience in the humanitarian sector
    • Experience working in the region, preferably experience working in Venezuela
    • A proven track record of acquisition of funding with major donors such as SDC, EU/ECHO USAID, OCHA pooled funds etc.
    • Strong proposal writing skills.
    • Excellent representation, networking skills
    • Ability to work in insecure settings and under pressure.
    • Ability to work both independently and with teams, excellent facilitation skills, sensitivity for gender & social equity and local culture.
    • Language skills: excellent written and oral proficiency in English and Spanish a must

    Our ideal candidate

    A highly experienced professional who is a self-starter and able to start a mission on his own with a minimum of 5 years’ working experience as a Senior Manager in a humanitarian/recovery context.

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