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Disaster Response Team Member

  • Added Date: Friday, 16 February 2018
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 01 January 2020
  • Organization: World Jewish Relief
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  • The Disaster Response Team (DRT) will help identify local partner agencies and then assist in helping that partner to meet the humanitarian need. The team will support World Jewish Relief’s London office with analysis, information and reporting on the specific humanitarian context.

    DRT members may be deployed during both emergency and recovery phases of the post disaster context. DRT members will report at all times to the DRT Team Leader or the Humanitarian Manager. Its members are ambassadors of World Jewish Relief, signatories of its Code of Conduct and governed by its organisational policies. We are primarily seeking individuals with humanitarian, crisis response or relevant experience in the following key areas:

    • International humanitarian response leadership
    • Needs Assessments
    • Logistics and monitoring of emergency distribution mechanisms
    • Cash or cash based interventions in emergency or recovery contexts
    • Livelihoods recovery in an urban or agricultural context.
    • Gender specialist
    • Water and sanitation health
    • Emergency provision of temporary shelter

    The profile of potential roster members will be as follows:

    • University degree or relevant and recognised professional training
    • Significant work experience preferably in an appropriate context.
    • Work proficiency in English
    • Other language skills
    • Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills
    • Experience from crisis and conflict situations
    • Leadership and managerial skills
    • Applied methodological knowledge (e. g. project management, needs assessment, presentation skills, administrative skills)
    • Team work abilities
    • Dealing with frustration, stress and pressure
    • Self-management, self-awareness of personality, reflective on own behaviour
    • Strong motivation to work in crisis management and conflict recovery
    • Computer literacy
    • Physical and mental fitness

    Potential specific responsibilities

    Partner Selection

    • To assist in the identification and verification of the most appropriate local partner agency to respond to the crisis.
    • To assess and report on Local Partner capacity and capabilities.
    • To assist in the completion of World Jewish Relief’s required Local Partner Due Diligence process

    Needs Assessment

    • To assist the partner in the rapid needs assessment process required to design effective programme interventions
    • To conduct effective and targeted needs assessment analysis to ensure programme design meets appropriate accountability standards

    Intervention Design

    • With the local partner, to assess, plan and design appropriate emergency and/or recovery interventions to ensure appropriate standards are in place enabling clear monitoring and evaluation.
    • To ensure programme plans and budgets are clear and measurable and communicated to World Jewish Relief London.

    Building Capacity

    • To work wherever possible in close partnership with the Local Partner Agency, respecting their capabilities, leadership, decision making and culture.
    • To find ways to ensure that the Local Partner Agency is left more capable and with added capacity at the end of the partnership.

    Reporting and Accountability to London

    • Inevitably given the fast moving context of the environment, World Jewish Relief needs to be kept abreast on a regular and determined timetable to ensure it is able to support and resource the response.
    • A daily bulleted situation report in the standard format should be provided to the Humanitarian Manager or International Director
    • All resource based decisions need to be referred to the Humanitarian Manager or International Director.

    Media and Communications

    • There will be regular demands for professional and personal perspectives on the operational context and World Jewish Relief’s response.
    • All planned interviews or discussions with external media need to be preapproved by World Jewish Relief’s Humanitarian Manager.

    Safety and Security

    • DRT members have to adhere to World Jewish Relief’s Safety and Security Policy and Guidelines at all times.
    • It is essential that DRT members have continuous communications capabilities and are able to check in with the Key Contact Point 24hrs a day.
    • All travel plans need to be pre-approved by World Jewish Relief’s Humanitarian Manager or International Director.

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