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Country Security Manager

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2019
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 31 January 2020
  • Organization: World Vision
  • Country: Philippines
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  • Purpose of the position:

    To support the National Director, World Vision Development Foundation in ensuring that effective security measures for World Vision offices and programs are both appropriately planned for and addressed within the national context. Provide Leadership in optimization of organizational security and the mitigation of operational risks for ministry effectiveness by establishing security systems and mechanisms towards institutionalizing an organizational culture and practice of safety and security.

    Major responsibilities:

    Strategy & Planning

    • Lead the development and implementation of the security architecture that includes security strategy, specific annual business plan, critical infrastructure (incident/crisis management) in alignment with the WV Security Policy and Office of Corporate Security framework.
    • Leads periodic strategic review of contingency plans and security systems.
    • Ensure that the national security strategy and business plans appropriately supports the priorities of field operations and other organizational strategic affairs
    • Monitor, assess and provide critical insights to the leadership on socio-political-security current and emerging trends and its effects on organizational security and its interests
    • Lead in developing and applying organizational security profile and determining security risk appetite and threshold of acceptance Provide effective leadership and robust oversight of the security team towards meeting the overall security goals
    • Ensure Security Risk Assessments, Context Risk Ratings are developed and updated periodically
    • Ensure that Core Security Requirement (standards) are developed and implemented across the organisation processes and procedures are completed and implemented in accordance with current Office of Corporate Security Policy and Framework.
    • Ensure that the security strategy appropriately supports the priorities of field operations.
    • Raise the awareness of security and risk management as per WV Corporate Security policies.
    • Develop critical incident/crisis management system in alignment with WV OCS crisis management standards including contingency and evacuation plans Maintains security information system to gather, analyze and share appropriate information with the field offices on security issues and concerns.
    • Installs and maintains threat/incident notification and management system.
    • Lead/provide sound strategic and situational leadership in managing critical incidents and provide input to the senior leadership team in crisis situations; including conducting post-incident/crisis reviews
    • Support business continuity including impact analyses to accurately define critical time-sensitive security activities and assist the design, development, and documentation of work area recovery plans.
    • Manage ‘surge capacity’ requirements for critical incidents that are beyond the scope of field offices and manage the escalation process.
    • Support civil-military-police relations and profile management and apply HISS-CAM in operational context to inform decision-making as applicable.
    • Collect analyze and disseminate security information appropriately
    • Prepare Annual Security Budget based on the departmental and organizational security investments needs and requirements. Conducting Security Investigations as necessary. Act as the Country Security contact for all WV Partnerships engagements on security.

    Networking and External Liaison/Engagement

    • Represent WV at local NGO Security network meetings and ensure information from these groups is disseminated to leadership and relevant staff.
    • Build ongoing networks for sharing security information and coordination.
    • Liaise with external security networks (UN, IOs, INGOs, Embassies, etc) on specific security issues and their likely implication on national office strategies and operations. Closely cooperate and coordinate with security functions of other WV entities in the country towards synergy in security management

    Capacity Building and Technical Training

    • Coordinate assessment, development and implementation of security capacity building plans based on program Security Risk Assessments and operational priorities, targeting different staff groups towards relevant and adequate security skills and aptitude
    • Capacity building of management on incident and crisis management.
    • Identify security training needs to operate in complex fragile environments and assist with workforce planning to make available qualified capacity when required. Seek to develop a culture of security awareness and monitor staff compliance.

    Quality Assurance

    • Review the implementation and practice of organizational security risk management standards and promote alignment with WV Core Security Requirements (CSR).
    • Review National Security Strategy annually (and when there is major shift operational security context) to ensure that the strategy remains appropriate and proportionate to the given security landscape, and that it is being implemented in a way that maximizes the safety of staff and assets and facilitates field operations. Maintain high quality management reporting on security metrics, Integrated Incident Management, SAP Reporting Requirements and leverage security data from OCS and entities for continuous quality improvement of security administration and accountability

    Reporting and Documentation

    • Prepare and upload documentation on the Core Security Requirements at the Shepherd System and ensures its review every quarter.
    • Provide a monthly security management report to the National Director and Regional Security Director.
    • Ensure all the SAP Reporting requirements are met as per the reporting parameters and timeline
    • Ensure that all security incidents are reported in accordance with WV Security Policy and Integrated Incident Management (IIM) protocols Conduct performance management (planning, mid-review, annual review) of the security team


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
    • At least 5 years experience in a proven security or emergency service field (public, private, and government or NGO sectors in military, security or law enforcement services).
    • Operational experience
    • Strategic / Managerial experience
    • Minimum three (3) years experience working with UN Agency / NGO
    • Radio and/or Satellite phone communications experience, operations and management
    • Security risk management concepts and systems in non-profits.
    • Exceptional leadership skills, network of internal and external alliances and highly developed business skills.
    • Possesses an intimate knowledge of internal business processes and the organization’s industry.
    • Exhibits business process knowledge, possesses a broad based operational perspective and provides solutions for non-security related business risk issues.
    • Recognized risk leader, who is a dynamic, proactive and decisive person.
    • Adapts well to and initiates change in the organization.
    • Key traits for the individual in this position are: highly developed communications, team player, change agent, strategic and creative, excellent project management skills and the ability to drive performance from all areas within the organization.
    • Demonstrated experience in designing and delivering training
    • Demonstrated project management stills and the ability to work effectively under pressure (particularly in a crisis situation)
    • Ability to communicate well in English & local language
    • Local First Aid qualified
    • Computer literate (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Professional – behave in professional manner at all times and demonstrate ability to represent the organization well at inter-agency meetings
    • Demonstrated personal values, attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with World Vision Core Values

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