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  • Languages o French o             English o          Other, languages spoken in West Africa

•     Grade

o    Minimum 2 years experience in similar functions

  • Duty stations o Dakar OR Ouagadougou
  • Areas of work o Climate Change
  • Education, Learning and Training o Innovations for Sustainable Development o           Solar Energy
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Public, Private Partnership
  • Women’s Empowerment and Gender Mainstreaming o Grassroot, community work

•     Recruitment Type

o     Senegal and Burkina Faso nationals, international considered

•     Remuneration

o    Based on experience

Job description

With a drive to transform rural communities via Women Empowerment and Sustainable Technology, the Regional Coordinator will play an important role to ensure our program’s impact is delivered efficiently in all the communities of West Africa where Barefoot College and its local partners work.

With an excellent sense of organization, she/he will manage operations and logistics in collaboration with the International team, overseeing the selection and travels of Barefoot Women Solar Engineers and the transportation of Solar Equipment from India to the villages. The candidate should be willing and able to travel several times a year to remote areas in the region.

She/He will also maintain and share regular financial reports and field updates as per needed for donor reports and external communication.

Good communicator and highly adaptable, she/he will develop long term and trust-based relations with a variety of stakeholders, from grassroots NGOs/CBOs working in the most remote rural villages to National Governments, Donors and Multilateral Agencies.

Her/his understanding of the local culture, languages (French, English minimum) and community dynamics will be beneficial to support the ground partners in strengthening community-based governance: thus community work experience is required.

Her/His entrepreneurial spirit and dependable attitude with allow her/him to strive in a constantly changing and challenging environment, transforming obstacles into opportunity to find innovative solutions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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About Barefoot College

Barefoot College is a Hybrid NGO and Social Enterprise that has been providing services and solutions to the challenges facing rural poor communities for more than 46 years, with the objective of their becoming self-sufficient and sustainable; building on, valuing and respecting the knowledge and wisdom they already possess. The College was founded in 1972 by Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, following the lifestyle and work style of Mahatma Gandhi. It has grown substantially over the years, with a diverse and inclusive team of dedicated individuals, led by dynamic CEO, Meagan Fallone, who continue to derive inspiration and leadership from the founding values. At its core is a decentralized management philosophy and a focus on capacity-building from within, which has become known widely around the world, as the “Barefoot Approach” to community development.

=>14 Sustainable Development Goals at Scale

=>92 Countries & 1,000,000 people with access to clean light

=>The ONLY “By Women for Women- By the Poor for the Poor” Model of Community

Led Development in the Global South


The Barefoot solutions can be broadly categorised into the design & delivery of Solar Renewable Energy, Water/Sanitation, Education, Entrepreneurship and Rural livelihoods, Artisan industries. The college has been and is fully committed to Empowering Women as change agents, entrepreneurs and environmental stewards. It has become widely acknowledged for its commitment to South/South Cooperation and a Systems Change approach to accelerating 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals with its programs. The college believes that placing women at the heart of the development process is the most reliable and effective way to impact and deliver transformation and impact. It engages in building confidence and competence in individuals and entire communities through a partnership model to bring about large-scale shifts in values and sustainable quality of life. For instance, the college has trained 2200 illiterate women in becoming proficient in designing, installing and maintaining solar systems that provide light and electricity to their villages (they are known as “Barefoot Solar Engineers” or, more colloquially, “Solar Mamas”.)

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  • Job City Senegal ,Burkina Faso

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