Consultant to develop a curricular for MSM and TG who use drug 322 views

Consultant to develop a curricular for MSM and TG who use drug

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    FHI 360

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    27 Dec 2019


    Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and managed by FHI 360, the Linkages across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV (LINKAGES) project in Lao PDR focuses on interventions to mitigate HIV among key populations — those at higher risk for HIV transmission, namely men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender (TG) women.

    The LINKAGES Thailand project uses the HIV cascade of services as the overall strategic framework for the project. This framework maps how individuals should ideally move through the continuum of HIV prevention-care-treatment services to reduce HIV transmission as well as to ensure a high quality of life for PLHIV. Activities under the LINKAGES Thailand project centers on bringing high risk individuals into the HIV cascade of services through compelling and incentivized outreach techniques and easy-to-access community-based HIV testing. A major component of the project is supporting the Thai Community-based MSM/TG Test and Treat Study, a cohort study designed to examine behavioral and biologic outcomes of test and treat strategies. This study engages six community-based organizations that operate six KP-friendly drop-in centers in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Hat Yai.

    Purpose of Assignment

    The purpose of this assignment is to seek a consultant to work with LINKAGES Thailand FHI 360, to develop curricular on MSM/TG who use drug in Thailand to ensure that staffs in KPLSH have skills and knowledges to reach and refer this sub-population to HIV health services.

    Detailed Description of Tasks to be Performed:

    Consultant Summary / Responsibilities:

    • Work with LINKAGES/FHI 360 and local partners in Bangkok and Pattaya to study the situation of MSM and TG who use drug in Thailand and to determine barriers to the HIV cascade of services as well as developing comprehensive knowledge and skills tool for staffs to work with this population. The consultant shall review the international standard that related to drug use in MSM and TG.

    • Work with LINKAGES/FHI 360 to develop the manual and standard operating procedure (SOP) for outreach and clinic staffs on working with MSM and TG who use drug in various services under HIV Cascade. This manual and SOP will include but not limit to the situation of MSM and TG who use drug in Thailand, Addicted Drug or substances interaction that widely use in MSM and TG, Basic knowledge and skills for staffs to engage with those client and refer them to get the services as well as monitoring and evaluation process.

    • Work with LINKAGES to develop curricular on MSM and TG who use drug for outreach and clinic staff who work in KPLHS.

    • Work with LINKAGES to conduct workshop on MSM and TG who use drug for LINKAGES local partners.

    • Work with LINKAGES/FHI 360 to develop trainers’ manual on MSM and TG who use drug.

    Qualified applicants

    The consultant will have experience and expertise in working with People who use drug and community-based organization in Thailand as well as high level knowledge of implementation on USAID funded projects particularly HIV programs targeting MSM and TG in Thailand.

    The duration of the contract is about 4 months, starting on or around January 1, 2020 and ending in April 30, 2020. The projected level of effort is expected to be approximately 50 days during this time period, though FHI 360 reserves the right to adjust levels of effort depending on the situation during the period of performance.

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