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Enhancing Food Security and Resilience of Rural Communities in Kassala, Northern and Red Sea States, Sudan

  1. The consultancy

This consultancy consists of two lots. Bidders are invited to submit offers for both or just one of the bids, depending on the relevant experience and capacities.

Lot1: Conduct needs assessment in Sudan in Kassala, Northern and Red Sea States.

Lot2: Development of the full proposal for the Netherlands Red Cross and consortium in relation to the funding opportunity from the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of the Sudan (DG INTPA).

The assignment under Lot 1 is linked to the assignment under Lot 2, as the needs assessment report will inform the proposal design.

2. Context and background

The European Union Delegation (EUD) in Sudan plans to start a program called ‘Enhancing Food Security and Resilience of Rural Communities in Sudan’.

The overall objective of the program is to contribute to sustainable livelihoods and food security in rural communities most affected by food insecurity, climate change and conflicts.

This objective will be reached through the following three main outcomes:

  • Productivity and profitability of smallholder agriculture and livestock nutritious short value chains increased sustainably using agro ecological practices (in North, Central and South Darfur, West and South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Gedaref, Kassala and Red Sea).
  • Sustainable and decent jobs for youth (women and men), including from internally displaced persons (IDPs) , refugee populations and people with disabilities (PwD), created in rural and food insecure areas (in South Darfur, South Kordofan and Gedaref).
  • Equal and sustainable access to natural resources increased in order to contribute to food security and mitigate conflicts and allow the voluntary return of conflict-displaced people (in Darfur, South Kordofan, Northern State, Blue Nile, Gedaref, Kassala and Red Sea).

The Netherlands Red Cross with consortium in August 2022 submitted a concept note and logframe to the EUD in Sudan in relation to this opportunity, responding to the SO1 and SO3 of the EU program. The documents have been positively received by the EUD and the consortium plans to soon start the work on the full proposal.

Tentative date of submission of the full proposal is in March 2023.

3. Stakeholders and lines of communication

The consortium for the proposal is as follows:

  • The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) – lead of the consortium
  • Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS)
  • Spanish Red Cross (SpRC)
  • Swedish Red Cross (SRC)
  • Danish Red Cross (DRC)

Lines of communication:

Focal person from the Netherlands Red Cross in Sudan will be NLRC delegate Rodrigo Serqueira. For both lots, the consultant would liaise with the NLRC focal point, as given above, who would then liaise with other consortium partners in country.

At the NLRC HQ level (Netherlands), there will be also a focal point assigned per Lot.

These two NLRC focal points will also link the consultant with other relevant advisors at NLRC and with key persons from other partners in the consortium.

5. Scope

The consultant(s) will be hired to:

Lot 1:

  • Design and conduct needs assessments (with support of consortium partners) and compile assessment report.
  • For this assignment it is necessary for the consultant to be in Sudan (either based in Sudan or travel for the time of assignment).

Lot 2:

  • Develop high quality proposal for the EUD in Sudan following EUD/ DG INTPA formats and consistent with the concept note and Logframe that was evaluated by the EUD.
  • Ensure all the components and annexes of proposal are aligned (especially that the budget, Logframe and workplan are aligned with the narrative) and advise on the budget and workplan if needed.

6. Methodology

The consultant will:

For Lot 1:

  • Review the Concept Note and Logframe already developed by the consortium.
  • Review EUD objectives for this program.
  • Develop the needs assessment methodology, including developing the methodological approach, sampling scheme, assessment tools, etc. in consultation with consortium partners.
  • Conduct a needs assessment with support of SRCS and other consortium Partners to inform the proposal.
  • Compile the report based on an agreed format.

For Lot 2:

  • Review the Concept Note and Logframe already developed by the consortium.
  • Review EUD objectives for this program.
  • Review EUD formats and templates, as well as any relevant policy guidelines.
  • Review humanitarian/development strategies in the country, strategy (or country plans) of especially NLRC, SRCS and other partners in the consortium, to inform the design of the proposal.
  • Review and take into account the working modalities of the SRCS and its partners within the humanitarian context and the more efficient and effective means of service delivery.
  • Work with all consortium partners to gather information for the proposal.
  • Take into account EUD evaluation criteria and ensure that the proposal meets them.

7. Deliverables, required output and planning

Lot 1

  • Familiarization with relevant documents and start of work on the design of the assessment (preferably start in the end of January 2023 but to be confirmed with the successful candidate)
  • First draft assessment report to be delivered in second part of February 2023 for review by consortium Partners (to be confirmed with successful candidate based on feasibility)
  • Complete final assessment report by end of February 2023/early March 2023 (to be confirmed)

Lot 2

  • Familiarization with relevant documents and start of work on the proposal with NLRC focal points (preferably start in second part of February 2023 but to be confirmed with the successful candidate)
  • First draft proposal to be delivered by mid March 2023 latest (to be confirmed)
  • Complete final proposal by end of March 2023 (to be confirmed)

8. Profile of the consultant

The consultant(s) needs to have:

For Lot 1:

  • Experience with need assessments surveys,
  • Strong organizational and writing skills, as well as communication skills,
  • Experience in working with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement preferred,
  • Location of the consultant (e.g. preferred if based in Sudan or in the neighborhood) would be an asset too.

For Lot 2:

  • Experience with proposals for European Union, especially DG INTPA, knowledge of EU rules and requirements, and record of successful submissions to the EU,
  • Experience in working with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement preferred,
  • Strong soft and organizational skills, as well as writing skills,
  • Knowledge of the context of Sudan preferred

9. Procurement procedure

Bidders are requested to submit both a financial proposal and technical proposal that best complies with the text laid out in this document. These proposals will be assessed separately and the contract awarded to the candidate with the highest combined score. The proposals are assessed on their compliance, quality and price. The contract will in principle be awarded to the organisation with the economically most advantageous quotation. This means that not only the price, but all award criteria will be taken into consideration.

Your bid should make clear about the relevant skills, experience and capacity of the participant, in respect of this particular Terms of Reference (TOR). Your bid must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the TOR.

A. Administrative compliance

To be shortlisted and evaluated through the selection criteria (see section B.) your bids should include the following items (without one of these you will not be eligible for selection):

  • Registration at the relevant Chamber of Commerce and / or document attesting bidder’s registration for the self-employed (according to the status: receipt for filing a declaration with the CFE, Extract RSEIRL, Extract K or K-bis) – Vat registration or Fiscal number
  • CV of proposed staff for similar assignment proving relevant experience.
  • Technical offer/ approach paper: including a time planning based on this TOR.
  • Financial offer: presenting a total price with a cost breakdown in days or hours spent, the related fees and VAT element as well as proposed payment schedule.
  • Two (2) relevant references and/ or assignments previously performed by the Bidder that are comparable in content, time and money.

B. Bid’s requirements and selection Criteria

Key assessment criteria

  • Experience, Skills and Ability of Service Provider – See profile of the consultant Section 8
  • Past experience in similar work of this nature
  • (Team member experience accompanied by brief CVs)
  • Bidder track record
  • Ability of the bidder to fulfil the NLRC’s requirements
  • Technical Approach and Execution Plan: Bids must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the ToR
  • References: Did the bidder submit at least two relevant and contactable clients that were serviced in the past 12months
  • Capacity: Bids should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the capacity to meet the requirements of the TOR; Familiarity and presence in the region.

  1. The procurement procedure with the bid’s requirements and selection criteria can be foud in the Terms of Reference.
  2. Deadline: The deadline for submission is the 6th of February 2023 – 17:00 (UCT+1 Amsterdam Time) Any questions, remarks or requests for clarification can be sent to: [email protected] until the 1st of February 2023.
  3. Instructions for submission:
  • The bids should be submitted by e-mail to: [email protected]
  • The Subject Line of the message should be: RFP SUDAN 2022-0235 – Bids Submission for LOT 1 and/or LOT 2 Consultants –[your company name].

We strongly recommend the bidders to submit their bids via a digital link in their submission email. This link should enable us to access your company digital platform/ cloud and the folder created with your proposal for this RFP. Make sure to grant Netherlands Red Cross contact person viewer and downloader rights.

Using a cloud platform will ensure a safe digital environment and smooth upload of the files preventing you from size limitation from email. An email without attachment is also greener!

Note: Any bidder who adds another Red Cross email address to their proposal will be disqualified

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