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CCCM/Shelter Project Manager – UNHCR

Code: SR-49-1291
Location: Maiduguri, Borno with sporadic missions to Abuja and frequent missions to field bases (Monguno, Ngala, Damasak and Banki, Borno State)
Starting Date: 15/02/2020
Contract Duration: Until 31/12/2020
Reporting to: Programme Coordinator
Supervision of: 8 Staff under direct supervision

General Context of the Project
Since 2009, the Boko Haram insurgency (herein, Armed Opposition Groups [AOGs]) has crippled north eastern Nigeria. Recent advances by the Nigerian Army and the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) have improved humanitarian access in 25 of the 27 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Borno but have also revealed the extent of the crisis. After nine years of uninterrupted conflict, the country’s crisis has been aggravated by high levels of poverty, marginalization, illiteracy and unemployment.

The environmental degradation caused by the ongoing armed conflict and the acts of violence has contributed to lowering the standard of living of farmers who account for virtually all of the area’s population. Now in its ninth year, the crises in north east Nigeria remains one of the most sever in the world. In the three worst affected states of Borno, Adamawa and Yoba, 1.8 million people are internally displaced and human rights violations continue to be reported daily. Since military operations began in October 2017, the trend of new arrivals coming to accessible locations across Borno state has increased significantly, and at an alarming rate that has overwhelmed the capacity of humanitarian agencies. Borno, which is the most affected state in north-eastern Nigeria, continues to host the highest number of IDPs with 1,441,870 displaced persons (NIP 2019), and over 60% of them are living in host communities, making it harder to access them with assistance and putting additional pressure on the already stretched resources of these communities.

Many IDPs are still staying in unofficial shelters, unfinished buildings and makeshift accommodation, which are not under the coordination of the Government. The largest concentrations of displaced people staying in such locations are found in the newly liberated areas. Many of the communal and makeshift shelters are overcrowded and unsuitable in terms of water and sanitation facilities, cooking and privacy, especially for women. Furthermore, already poor host communities have been sharing resources with one of the largest IDP populations in the world for more than twelve months with little support and are now relying on negative coping strategies after savings and assets have been used up, which could lead to secondary displacement of IDPs. Monguno and Ngala are considered less privileged and the most deprived areas. During the insurgency crises, both towns were destructed and devastated.

Besides the situation, both locations are hosting a huge influx of IDPs, displaced from the outskirts and fled to seek safe and secure places to take shelters. Increasing insurgency in the areas forced the local communities to flee and seek safe and secure place for shelters which caused a huge influx of IDPs in the project focused areas. Most of the IDPs do not have access to safe and secure places even many of them are unregistered and are unable to receive humanitarian assistance from the service providers. The security situation is quite uncertain and volatile but despite these facts they are compelled to live in insecure places without having shelters.

General Purpose of the Position

  • The Project Manager will oversee the activities, Administrative, HR and Logistics component of the project, ensuring operations quality, strategic programming and planning, as well as strategic growth and strong external and internal representation and advocacy
  • S/he must be able to motivate and lead a diverse staff as well as effectively oversee the activities, budgets and partnerships.

Main Responsibilities and Tasks
Planning and Strategy Development:

  • Ensure collaboration with the relevant CCCM/Shelter actors in the planning, development of sites, ensuring that site design support protection and assistance of men, women, boys and girls;
  • Ensure regular site needs assessment and gap analysis are conducted with all CCCM/Shelter stakeholders in the camps;
  • Collaborate with M&E department in the development of assessment tools and reporting about CCCM/SHELTER program related activities
  • Develop and update agreed response strategies for the camps, including “exit”/transition strategy for site closures and action plans for the cluster and ensuring that these are adequately reflected in overall country strategies.
  • Support Camp Management staff to conduct contingency planning based on worst-case and most likely scenarios in terms of population movements;
  • Support the development and maintenance of a coherent CCCM/shelter strategy across the camps.
  • Develop proposals for the CCCM and Shelter sectors in the Borno State, in close coordination with the technical team and Programme Coordinator.
  • Conduct rapid assessments to investigate further programming opportunities inside the Borno State.

Technical CCCM/Shelter Leadership and Project Implementation:

  • Promote harmonization of approaches and methodologies across the different camp sites by developing and monitoring use of common tools (in close coordination with the CCCM/Shelter Cluster), as well as creating opportunities for experience sharing and learning;
  • Organize project kick-off and close out meetings
  • Adapt relevant policies, guidelines and technical standards to the context of the crisis;
  • Ensure that the responses are in line with existing policy guidance, technical standards and relevant government human rights legal obligations;
  • Provide technical support and capacity building to CCCM/Shelter staff on a regular basis;
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of the project ensuring that technical quality and standards are considered and respected during project(s) implementation
  • Organize regular project coordination meetings with project team
  • Ensure budget utilization and physical target achievements are reviewed at least once a month as per work plan
  • Ensure project implementation is on time, target and budget, using effective M&E systems to reach desired impacts
  • Anticipate and mitigate risks and trouble-shoot any unforeseen challenges during the project implementation
  • Regular update the work plan, other documents relevant for effective project management
  • Disseminate CCCM/Shelter tools, best practices and lessons learned internally and externally through publications, networks, working groups, events, and conferences;
  • National/local authorities, State institutions, local civil society and other relevant actors
  • Establish appropriate links with national and local authorities, State institutions, local civil society and other relevant actors to maintain appropriate coordination and information exchange with them;
  • Promote the capacity building of relevant authorities, where deemed necessary;


  • Ensure coordination with partners and stakeholders at both field and state level
  • Actively participate at CCCM/SHELTER/NFI sector working groups and all the other relevant forum.
  • Supervise the coordination at field level lead by national staff and inform the relevant actors at Maiduguri level, if needed
  • In close collaboration with Program Coordinator maintain relationship with Donor, both technical and program units


  • Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to supervisors and other team members.
  • Draft (internal) narrative reports and contribute to the development of financial reports through regular budgetary follow up.
  • Contribute to drafting of (external) technical reports, ensuring the quality and accuracy of information provided.


  • Review the BVAs to avoid under/overspending
  • Ensure accurate budget forecasting and expense planning


  • Responsible for all logistics procedures for the project in coordination with logistics department, ensuring Intersos and Donor requirements are met, and proper documentation is collected and maintained for all procurements.
  • Contribute to the development of project procurement plans

Administration / HR:

  • Ensure all administrative procedures are followed for staff in the field, updating personal details on file, accurate ToRs for each staff member, payroll etc.
  • Participate in the transparent and timely recruitment of project staff (developing organigrams, ToRs, elaborating recruitment tests)
  • Ensure regular performance appraisal and career management of project teams
  • Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics
  • Manage interpersonal conflicts
  • Ensure capacity building among project staff
  • Transparency / Compliance


  • Together with the Security focal points, assess risks in the areas of project implementation and develop context-specific CPP, MOSS and SOPs


  • University Degree, preferably in CCCM / Shelter-related Sciences (e.g. Civil or Architecture Engineering, Social Sciences) with a minimum of 5 years experience in project implementation on the field, in an international context;

Professional Experience:

  • At least 2 years of experience in Camp Coordination / Camp Management / Shelter related activities.

Professional Requirements:

  • Being a strong team player;
  • Experience working in a volatile environment
  • Demonstrated ability to manage
  • Strong analytical capacity
  • Significant experience in finance and logistics
  • Computer knowledge is a must (Excel, Word …etc.)
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions.


  • Fluency in English is required (oral and written).

Personal Requirements:

  • Being a strong team player;
  • Experience working in a volatile environment
  • Demonstrated ability to manage
  • Strong analytical capacity
  • Significant experience in finance and logistics
  • Computer knowledge is a must (Excel, Word …etc.)
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions.

More Information

  • Job City Borno State

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