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Job ID: 27663

Practice Area – Job Family: Youth – YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME

Vacancy End Date: (Midnight New York, USA) 25/12/2019

Duty Station: Djibouti, Djibouti

Education & Work Experience: G-Bachelor’s Level Degree – 3 year(s) experience

Languages: English, French


Grade: SB3

Vacancy Type: Service Contract (SC)

Posting Type: External

Bureau: Arab States

Contract Duration: one year


The Arab region is home to the youngest population in the world with over 100 million youth between the ages of 15 and 29. These young men and women have the potential to drive significant change and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, they are facing several challenges that make it difficult for them to become change-makers without the proper resources and support. Despite widespread stereotypes about unmotivated and unskilled youth in the region, it has been demonstrated that they tend to be ‘better educated and more connected to global knowledge relative to older ages.’ This indicates that it is not the lack of skills, but rather of available opportunities, that prevents them from becoming change-makers in their communities.

Djibouti is a small but important Arab state country. Djibouti benefits from its highly strategic location. With access to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean beyond, the country is a significant gateway to the Horn of Africa and the wider region of East Africa. Djibouti is also a young country. More than half of the population are under the age of 25, in the next decade the youth cohort will transition to the working age population, and with the demographic growth rate likely to slow. This will provide the potential for a substantial labor force, opportunities for tax revenue growth and a reduction in welfare expenditure. As such, the demographic dynamics of the country are favorable for strong economic growth.

UNDP supports Djibouti since 1979 in its own solutions to development challenges and developing capacities that will help them achieve human development and Sustainable Development Goals. UNDP’s objectives in Djibouti are mainly derived from the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP), and contributions to the strategic outcomes of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The main goal of the country programme is to accelerate achievement of the sustainable development goals. It tackles interconnected development, humanitarian and resilience challenges and seeks to reduce poverty, gender and geographic inequalities and exclusion. It fosters environmental sustainability and resilience through integrated strategies. It supports the most vulnerable and enhances national and sub national institutional capacities for inclusive growth, poverty reduction, prevention of violent extremism, and enhancement of social cohesion.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Assistant is under the Youth Development Delegates in the Arab Region initiative in partnership with the Arab Youth Center.The objective of this assignment is to support youth programming and the implementation of the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) at the country level as well as the regional and global level. The Project Assistant will work under the supervision and guidance of the UNDP Youth Focal Points both at the country and regional levels. S/he will be an integral part of the UNDP Country office and will play an important role supporting UNDP’s Country Offices and partners, with a strong focus on coordination, advocacy, planning, and evaluation.

Under the direct supervision of the Youth Focal Point, and in close coordination with the Regional Coordinator, Regional Programme, the Project Assistant will particularly be responsible for the following tasks:

Summary of key functions:

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the incumbent’s role, the following key functions will together consolidate the role:

  • Innovation and Strategy Development
  • Advocacy, Networking and Engagement
  • Programme Delivery and Support

Innovation and Strategy Development

  • Establish and strengthen the performance of the youth portfolio with the country office (CO)
  • Contribute to strategic planning, developing innovative responses to emerging challenges and opportunities for youth in the Arab region around SDGs.
  • Provide strategic support in the development of guidance in the youth empowerment area, and related tools for the implementation of regional policy standards, including the UNDP Youth Strategy

Advocacy, Networking and Engagement

  • Work closely with the regional team members in the development of project activities to promote youth’s social, political and economic empowerment in the Arab region.
  • Coordinates the youth’s leadership programme’s mentorship support, where relevant.
  • Capture stories which reflect on know how (procedures, processes, tactics) and know why (lessons learned, reasons for failures/success).
  • Develop general tools/guidelines for operative communication measures at regional/national/local levels, for instance press releases, social media, press events, social media and campaigns.
  • Conduct an overview and analysis of the relevant partners, donors and stakeholders to the project, and developing a plan for efficient flow of information between them and the project, and vice versa.

Programme Delivery and Support

  • Support the YLP, and the youth programming by following up on implementation, coordinating with partners and UNDP Country Offices, accessing regional networks, creating linkages and providing technical support.
  • Planning, organizing and overseeing activities related to the youth agenda
  • Support the timely preparation and quality control of all substantive technical reports, briefs and required documents, including progress reports, concept notes, background documents and briefing notes.
  • Facilitate the delivery of YLP activities by monitoring results achieved during implementation.
  • S/he ensures and guides the appropriate application of monitoring, reporting and evaluation systems and procedures and develops enhancements if necessary.

Submit report at the end of the year to supervisor and the Regional Coordinator


Functional competencies

  • Ability to accommodate and adapt to changing working environment.
  • Systematic and organized, with an ability to be flexible and adaptive.

Job knowledge/technical expertise

  • Proficiency of French and English languages is a must, Arabic language as preferable.
  • Good computer skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to perform a variety of standard tasks related to screening and collecting of project documentation, projects data entering, preparation of revisions, filing, provision of information, and reporting.

Core competencies

  • Innovation and Creativity: Ability to come up with innovative and new ideas, openness to explore new solutions and identify challenges using innovation tools and methods
  • Ethics & Values: Demonstrating/Safeguarding Ethics and Integrity. Is familiar with and acts in accordance with the standard of conduct for international civil servants, ethics and UN/UNDP values;
  • Developing & Empowering People/Coaching and Mentoring: Self-development, initiative-taking. Takes initiative and seeks opportunities to initiate action;
  • Working in Teams: Acting as a team player and facilitating teamwork. Works collaboratively with team members sharing information openly and displaying cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Communicating Information and Ideas: Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively. Uses tact and sensitivity when delivering sensitive information or resolving delicate issues;
  • Self-Management & Emotional Intelligence: Creating synergies through self-control. Fosters a positive outlook and maintains focus during period of stress and heavy workload, inspiring and guiding others towards goal achievement;
  • Conflict Management/Negotiating & Resolving Disagreements: Managing conflict. Remains calm, composed and patient, regardless of his/her own state of mind in the face of conflict;

Knowledge Sharing & Continuous Learning: Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Actively seeks learning opportunities, adopting best practices created by others

Required Skills and Experience


B.S. degree in Business Administration, Development studies, Economics, Management or any other related field.


  • At least 2-3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience in the management of projects in the social sector.
  • Working experience with governments, donors, nongovernment and international development organizations preferable.

Language Requirements

French and English are required, Arabic is a strong asset


Advanced computer skills, including word processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel) and data management programmes, and ability to quickly learn new applications


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